Individual Stuff Takes Care of Itself

Michael Floyd knows individual achievements are scrutinized by fans and media -- the team's performance is his only concern.

Record-setting wide receiver Michael Floyd knows he's putting the finishing touches on a great career at Notre Dame. However, the senior from Saint Paul (MN) is not too worried about anything other than wins.

"Individual stuff I really don't worry about," said Floyd. "Just as long as we win and keep winning, I know the other stuff will take care of itself."

Saturday gave Notre Dame its first win of the season. Floyd knows the Irish need to remember how this feels while working on the little things.

"We did a good job," said Floyd. "We need to make sure we keep this confidence up and do the little things right. There were mistakes in this game we don't want to have next week. So we need to correct the mistakes and keep this going."

How does it feel to finally post a victory for the season?

#3 Michael Floyd battles for ball
Wayne Litmer,
"Getting the win down feels great," said Floyd. "Starting off 0-2, most teams don't want to start off like that. However, that's how it is and getting this win under our belt will boost our level of confidence and give us momentum heading into next week."

While some worried about the attitude of the team, Floyd and several teammates made sure the Irish didn't let the season slip away.

"Our attitude was fine," said Floyd. "We just had to make sure guys stayed on the wagon and kept going. There was the possibility of guys thinking this is an off season. When there has already been two games it's hard to stop 0-2, but getting this win will get us feeling confident and give us some momentum and good spirits around the team."

Floyd may be more of the silent type, but he knows there are times he must speak up to his teammates. This week was one of them.

"I just felt like it's my duty sometimes to speak up," said Floyd. "When I feel it is time for the team to hear what I have to say I'll speak up. I wanted everybody to focus in and know what the task is at hand. We needed to get this W."

While some may look forward, Floyd knows paying attention to the small things could be the difference in the outcome of a game.

"Me individually, I look week-by-week making sure we do the little things right," said Floyd. "Because it starts with that and the little things could make or break a game. So just making sure we all stay focused and do our own responsibilities, we'll be great." Top Stories