ND Commit Prosise Learning Tough Lessons

Woodberry Forest (Va.) School had tragedy hit when quarterback Jacob Rainey was injured in a scrimmage earlier this month, then had a portion of his leg amputated because of it. A member of the team is safety C.J. Prosise, a Notre Dame commit, and he talked about how the team is trying to move forward.

C.J. Prosise continues to push forward with his season, moving from safety to cornerback last week to cover an injured teammate, but life has stepped in and changed things dramatically at Woodberry Forest (Va.) School.

Prosise, who committed to Notre Dame in May, is dealing with the crushing injury suffered by Woodberry Forest junior quarterback Jacob Rainey, who injured his leg in a Sept. 3 scrimmage and had part of his right leg amputated after the main artery was ruptured.

Last weekend, Woodberry Forest traveled to play Blair Academy (Blairstown, N.J.), and was beaten 28-21. But there was some healing that took place.

"We're doing a lot better now," Prosise said. "We've been pretty bummed, pretty low on morale. We hadn't been able to see him, and it's been really tough losing one of our guys, and one of the best guys you'll ever want to know."

Prosise acknowledged the situation took a lot out of him, and his teammates.

"It was definitely tough seeing that," he said. "It changes you, and it changes the way you play. You start playing timid. I was just trying to be strong for my teammates. I wanted them to know I was going to play as hard as I can, do as much as I can, to keep morale up, and always be positive with everything that happened."

Included in the mental rehabilitation Prosise needed was a strong talk with his mom, who offered encouragement and perspective on the situation.

"She was like, ‘Hey, it's a freak accident. This doesn't happen every day,' " Prosise said. "She said to go out and play every down like it's your last."

After falling behind 21-7 at the half, Prosise jump-started a rally with a 72-yard kickoff return for a touchdown. He also had another long kickoff return in the game, but he made a big impact playing cornerback as well.

Normally a safety, Prosise was moved to cornerback for the game because of injury.

"It's different, and we played against Blair, who actually didn't pass much, so I didn't get a chance to be too aggressive at corner," he said. "I like playing corner and I'll play it if they need me to play it, but I like playing safety because I can be more mobile and I can come down hill and play a lot of coverage."

Prosise is expected to play safety at Notre Dame, and he is learning quickly everyone on opposing teams are aware of his talents, and his future home.

"I don't hear them talk about it, but you can tell by the way they play against me," Proside said. "Everybody is going a lot harder, and just trying to come after me. Sometimes it catches you off guard.

"The one play you might want to take a little break, that guy against you is going as fast as he can. He's trying to get what you have. I'm still getting used to adjusting to getting everybody's 100 percent every play."

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