Fisher has Six Offers

Parrish Fisher hails from Richardson, TX--Pierce high school. The 5-10, 205-pound running back with 4.4 speed rushed for 1,700 yards and 17 touchdowns last year. Fisher has six offers so far and many other schools have been calling this top prospect. Does he like the Irish?

Parrish Fisher has six offers so far and many other schools recruiting him. "I have offers from Kansas, Georgia Tech, Colorado, Boston College, Southern Methodist and Duke," said Fisher. "I have received about 20 calls from coaches so far. Michigan, Notre Dame, Kansas, BYU, Colorado State, Iowa, Iowa State and Kansas State are some of the schools that have called."

The star running back prospect doesn't have any camp plans so far. "I don't have any plans to camp anywhere. I might go to a team camp but I have no plans yet."

Fisher is a pretty good student as well with a 92 percent average and he recently scored a 910 on his SAT.

Distance won't be a problem for Fisher. He is open to any school recruiting him. "Distance won't matter to me. Some of my favorite schools are out of Texas right now. I'm just looking for a good football program. I will look at their graduation rates and I just want to go an environment where I fit in. My family just wants me to go to the school I feel most comfortable with."

Does Fisher have a list of top schools right now? "Yeah, I would say Michigan, Notre Dame, Florida, Iowa, Ohio State, Kansas State and UCLA."

Fisher says he is can a lot of things on the football field. "I would say I'm a combination of everything. I run with power and I can make people miss. I have the speed to run by guys but I would say my determination and my vision are what I do best."

Notre Dame is one of his top schools right now. "They have a great tradition. It's always been a great school and education. They had a good year last year and the team looks like they are ready to get back to where they've been. Coach Mattison called and said he felt like I could play at Notre Dame. He said he would take the tape back and if the running back coach approves they would offer me a scholarship. He said he really felt I could play there and help their team." Top Stories