The Latest on RB Mahone's Injury, Recruitment

Fitch High (Youngstown, Ohio) four-star running back William Mahone spoke to about his recruitment, his leader, when a decision could be coming and how his official visit to Notre Dame went for the Michigan State game. He also gave an update on the ankle injury that sidelined him early in last week's game.

Plenty transpired in Fitch High (Youngstown, Ohio) four-star running back William Mahone's football life in the last 10 days.

He made an official visit to Notre Dame, injured his ankle and missed much of last week's loss to GlenOak (Canton, Ohio), then got news Tuesday afternoon his ankle sprain is healing and he is 50-50 for Friday's game against Jackson High of Massillon, Ohio.

Through it all, though, the constant is the Irish remain his leader, much like they were prior to his official visit for the Michigan State game.

And even more hopeful news for Notre Dame fans is Mahone said he doesn't plan on taking anymore official visits, and a decision is coming.

"Pretty close. It should be pretty soon," Mahone said of a decision.

Before his official visit, Mahone said the Irish led in his recruitment. But is that still the same?

"I guess you could say that," the 6-foot, 205-pound Mahon said. "I don't plan on making any more (official) visits. Notre Dame is my leader."

Mahone added he could make an unofficial visit to Pittsburgh for Thursday's game against South Florida, but he will be back on Notre Dame's campus for the Oct. 22 game against USC.

"It's supposed to be a big game," Mahone said. "I got to hang out with a lot of the players (during his official visit) and felt real comfortable with them, and they all said they would be back for the game. So I figured I might as well come back for the game. Why not? I might as well get back up there."

His latest trip certainly didn't disappoint.

"It went really well," Mahone said. "I was in love with the atmosphere. I got to talk to a lot of the players and coaches, and recruits, and I had a good bonding time. It was just a good time. "It was probably even better than my expectations. I knew it was a traditional place and the crowd was going to be hyped and there were going to be a lot of good things. It was everything I was expecting and more."

The trip also included his first face-to-face meeting with Irish coach Brian Kelly.

"He knew I had a long day and a long weekend, but it was nice to sit down and chat with him for a little bit," Mahone said. "We talked about the game, and about me possibly being a running back there."

Mahone added he was able to glean just how much Kelly wanted him, and how he could tell.

"That he watched you on film, and he knows how I play, and all that you do for my high school," Mahone said, "and how you can bring that to their school, and how you fit their offense, and how he sees you doing things that can improve the school."

The next question for Mahone is whether his ankle will heal in time for Friday's game against Jackson High.

"I'll probably sit out this week, but it's getting better," he said. "I caught a helmet to my leg, and my leg bent, so I guess it was kind of scary, but I knew it was just a sprain when it happened. But I really couldn't play, so I sat out." Top Stories