Savage Out to Prove Something

Bryan Savage hails from Haverford high school in Haverford, PA. The 6-4, 210-pound quarterback has made a name for himself this spring and continues to attend camps hoping to get more offers from his top schools and to get invited to the Elite 11 camp. Savage traveled to Virginia Tech this weekend after being invited again by quarterback coach Bob Johnson. Savage is known to have a canon for an arm and plans to camp at Notre Dame.

Bryan Savage had a rough junior season. "We were 0-9," said Savage. "We didn't win a game. It was all our faults. We did have a new coach and a new system but that isn't an excuse. I don't think we were in the best shape. We are a small school and most of our players play both ways. The schools we play against have more people and usually only play on one side of the ball. For us to win, we need to be in better shape."

Savage threw for roughly 1,500 yards and 10 touchdowns as a junior. His numbers aren't that impressive but his team did go 0-9 and they were in a new system.

Savage has had to go out and earn the respect he is getting. "I don't know many 0-9 quarterbacks that are being recruited. My Dad and I knew I had to go out and prove myself. I didn't throw as well as I would've liked at the Penn State Nike Camp and I'm glad Bob Johnson invited me to the Virginia Tech camp. I just want to prove I'm as good as any of the other quarterbacks out there. I'm kind of an unknown player and to go and compete with these top players and knowing that I can play with these guys makes me feel good. I hope to have a better day at Virginia Tech. I've been working real hard for this camp and hopefully I can get invited to the Elite 11."

Notre Dame certainly knows about Savage. He attended the Notre Dame camp last summer and won the quarterback MVP. "That was great, I love Notre Dame. It's been my dream school for a long time. There are a lot of other great schools out there though and I am going to check them out."

Wisconsin has offered Savage and Syracuse says one is on the way. "I've received a lot of calls. Michigan State, Maryland, Duke, Virginia, Georgia, Michigan, U Conn and Wisconsin have called. Coach Simmons from Notre Dame has stopped by my school."

Savage and his Dad plan to visit more schools this summer. "I will probably go to the Notre Dame camp again," said Savage. "We took a trip to Maryland and that was nice. We will probably map out a plan soon."

Academics will play a big role his decision. "I am at Haverford because of the academics. I wanted to go here because it's such a great school. That will be important in my decision. The coaches will also be important. The quarterback coach will be important because I will work with him for the next four years. I want to play. I know if I work hard I can get on the field."

Savage does have a list of top schools right now. "I would say Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Syracuse, Maryland, Michigan State and Tennessee are my top schools right now."

Comments. Savage is the type of kid you pull for. He is a great kid and I bet he starts somewhere and wins. He has a good head on his shoulders and is very committed to being the best player he can be. I think he will attend the Notre Dame camp if they call and invite him. I am sure they will. I have no idea who is going to get an offer when this is all said and done but I bet Savage is successful somewhere. Top Stories