Freeman Plans to Camp at Notre Dame

Huber Heights, OH is home to one of the top linebacker prospects in the country. Marcus Freeman has 20 offers and many more are likely on the way. Freeman plans to camp at Notre Dame this summer. Will the Irish be in this race?

Marcus Freeman is 6-2, 240 pounds with 4.6 speed. He recorded 152 tackles, eight sacks, 29 tackles for loss and also blocked three punts last year. Put up these kind of numbers and everyone is going to take notice.

"I have offers from every school in the Big 10," said Freeman. "Oklahoma, Nebraska, LSU, Boston College, Maryland, Virginia, Pittsburgh, Wake Forrest and Lousiville have also offered me."

Freeman says he has some camp plans for the summer. "I plan to make a big circle. I will camp at Notre Dame and then I will will also go to Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State. I might go to Indiana and a few schools like that. I'm not sure if I will attend all their camps but I will stop by for a day or two at each school and hopefully find the schools that I'm most interested in and find the five schools that I will take an official visit to."

Ohio State has rumored to be the team to beat for Freeman. Freeman says he is open right now. "I grew up a Buckeye fan," said Freeman. Ohio State is only about 45 minutes from my home but that doesn't mean I will play there. I've always liked Michigan too. I have some friends that go to Ohio State but I'm interested in a lot of schools and other schools might have a better opportunity for me."

Freeman is also a solid student with a 3.8 core G.P.A. and a 990 score on his S.A.T.

Academics will play a large role in his decision. "The number one thing for me is academics. I want to go to a good school with a good background in academics. I also want to play for a team where my parents can come see me play. Then I will look at the football team and the depth charts and things like that."

The Irish have been on his list all season but not as high as others. Freeman says he doesn't know much about Notre Dame. "They are probably in my top five right now. I just don't know much about them yet. I am looking forward to sitting down and talking with coach Willingham and getting familiar with the campus. I hear he is a great guy so I look forward to talking to him. I know Notre Dame is a great school but I don't know much about them. I will know more about Notre Dame after I visit and I bet they are high on my list after that."

Freeman plans to take all five of his visits before deciding on a school.

Comments. Freeman is a bright guy. He has a great personality and I think he is really going to like Willingham. I think Notre Dame will get into this race after his visit to Notre Dame. I still think Ohio State will be the team to beat but I bet the Irish get into the race after he visits. Top Stories