2013 Linebacker Understands ND

While some recruits are unsure about Notre Dame outside of football, Louisville (KY) Trinity High School prospect Jason Hatcher fully understands what would be ahead of him if he were to select South Bend as his destination to continue his academic and football career. IrishEyes.com spoke with Hatcher to get the latest on his interest in the Irish.

This weekend will be another busy one for Louisville (KY) Trinity defensive end Jason Hatcher and his family.

Considered one of the top 2013 prospects in the Bluegrass State, Hatcher and his teammates will look to continue their undefeated season and then head off for another early recruiting visit.

"I'm planning on going to Auburn this weekend," said Hatcher. Then the plan is to visit Notre Dame for the USC game next Saturday."

One thing certain for the 6-foot-3, 225-pound Hatcher is a sense of familiarity with Notre Dame.

"I know Notre Dame is very rich in tradition much like Trinity," continued Hatcher. "It's a private school and I'm use to that type of environment. So it wouldn't be anything new or out of the ordinary for me."

Has Hatcher ever been on campus before?

"Yes, I was up there but not for football," said Hatcher. "I was up there for basketball a few years ago. I got a tour of campus and to see Touchdown Jesus and one of the churches there."

While he's got another year ahead of him, has the early interest from college surprised him?

"Yes I am very surprised," said Hatcher. "However, at the same time I've been working very hard this past off season, and plan to work even harder this upcoming off season."

Before he can get to his off season work, Hatcher and his teammates have some unfinished business that has made his slow down the recruiting cycle.

"My family and I have not really sat down at all to talk about recruiting," said Hatcher. "We said we would do that after the season because of our national schedule. We still have to play Cincinnati (Ohio) Moeller, and then there is the possibility of playing Don Bosco High School while also trying to win a state title. So there is a lot to think about before trying to put recruiting and all that stuff on top of it. So we said we're going to worry about recruiting after the season."

While Hatcher is working to keep things in perspective, having a chance to visit Notre Dame for the USC game came at the right time.

"The USC game had perfect timing," said Hatcher. "It is also our bye week as well so we'll have a chance to visit."

From the sound of things, Hatcher has some thought as to what he's looking for in a college.

"I'm looking for tradition and academics first," said Hatcher. "I'm also looking for somewhere for me to play possibly early."

Leading the Irish charge is running backs coach Tim Hinton. What type of relationship has Hatcher been able to build at this early stage of the process?

"I have not spoken with coach Hinton face-to-face," said Hatcher. "But I think he's been to one of my games and we email like every week.

"We've talked about the position I would play and he's telling me it's still early in my career and I still have the capability to pick up some weight to where I would play defensive end. However, if I never picked up another pound, he said I would be great to play their "Dog" position on defense."

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