Anderson Hoping for Offer from Irish

Sumpter, SC is home to L.J.Anderson. The 6-4, 303-pound offensive lineman has a number of schools interested in him and the Irish are number one on his wish list.

L.J. Anderson doesn't have any offers at this point but schools are interested. "Clemson and Maryland have said they will offer," said Anderson. "Clemson, Florida, Maryland and North Carolina have called me so far. I am getting letters from school from all over the country."

Anderson is also a top student. "I have a 3.8 overall G.P.A. I have a 3.4 core and I took the test and scored an 890. I am going to take that again because I wasn't happy with my score."

Education is very important to Anderson. "I'm looking for the best balance of education and football. It's very important to me that I do well in the classroom. I will look at graduation rates and the coaches and the players. Where I feel the most comfortable is important. I don't care how far away the school is. Distance doesn't matter to me."

Notre Dame is one of his top schools right now. "They are my number one school. The academics are great and they have a great program. They haven't called me yet but I get letters from them. Maryland, Florida, Clemson and Tennesee are some other schools I'm interested in."

Anderson says most schools are recruiting him at offensive guard. "They tell me I look like a guard. I can play tackle to, it' doesn't matter to me."

Comments. I'm not sure how interested Notre Dame is in L.J. He has the grades and a sincere interest in Notre Dame. I will keep an eye on him and see if the Irish start recruiting him hard. Top Stories