Will Doering Follow Stevenson?

Dan Doering watched in the wings as Dan Stevenson was named all-state at Barrington High School and signed with Notre Dame. Now Doering is big man on campus and he could end up following in Stevenson's footsteps once again, this time at Notre Dame.

Dan Doering, a 6-foot-6, 275-pound, offensive lineman from Barrington, Illinois is one of the best offensive line prospects in the Midwest and he's only a sophomore.

Every coach that has stopped in Chicago during the May Evaluation period has talked about what a sensational athlete Doering is now and how good he's going to be in the future.

Doering is the best offensive lineman in the state of Illinois right now as a sophomore and he is further along in his development right now than former Barrington and current Notre Dame lineman Dan Stevenson was when both were sophomores.

I remember watching Dan Stevenson on film when he was a junior and as a senior in high school. I didn't think I'd ever see a lineman better than he was from Barrington ever again.

In only a few short years, Dan Doering has emerged as a young man not only talked about in the same breath as Dan Stevenson but he's being compared to former Cincinnati (Moeller) star and current Tennessee offensive lineman, Michael Munoz.

The scholarship offers will come soon and often for Dan Doering. The recruiting process has already begun for him and his family.

Doering attended the Notre Dame spring game and was very impressed with the Fighting Irish coaches, fans and tradition.

Iowa, Northwestern, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Miami and Oklahoma are just a few of the schools that have Doering on their 2005 recruiting boards.

On film, Dan Doering is an athletic 270-pound lineman that can move and he uses his hands extremely well.

He finishes his blocks, traps and pulls as good as any offensive lineman I've seen this year and he has a mean streak.

Dominant is the best word to describe Dan Doering. From his stance to his explosion off the ball, this young man has the potential to be a dominant tackle at the next level.

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