A First for Odenigbo

Given his status as one of the top prospects in Ohio's class of 2012, most observers would not imagine Saturday's Notre Dame/USC game would provide Ifeadi Odenigbo a first-time experience. What will it be? IrishEyes.com has the latest on the highly touted prospect.

Top high school football players in the class of 2012 have been making the rounds for the past couple of years, checking out games and college campuses.

However, for Centerville (Ohio) outside linebacker Ifeadi Odenigbo, his official visit Saturday to Notre Dame will be a first.

"Saturday I'll be attending my very first college football game," said Odenigbo about the battle between Notre Dame and USC. "I'm very excited and pumped about this."

Odenigbo visited Notre Dame over the summer with his father. This time he'll be joined by another key member of his family on his official visit.

"I'm going to Notre Dame with my mother," said Odenigbo. "She is going up with me as is a close family friend. She's very excited to see Notre Dame for herself as my father saw it a few months ago."

The Irish have been fighting hard and running back coach Tim Hinton has been leading the way. What has Hinton been telling the 6-foot-4, 220-pounder?

"Coach Hinton is excited about getting my mother on campus for the first time," said Odenigbo. "I've been talking with him and things are going well between us."

Last Friday saw Odenigbo and his teammates in a battle for their playoff future. However, it did leave the talented Odenigbo feeling a little under the weather.

"I didn't attend school on Monday," said Odenigbo. "I got sick over the weekend after we beat Wayne."

The 63-35 win over their biggest rival moved Centerville to 5-3 overall and 3-0 in conference play. It also moved them to 10th in their region with only the top eight making the playoffs. With two games to go there will be no room for error if Odenigbo and the Elks are to have a playoff run in his final high school season.

A playoff appearance would also mean Odenigbo would have to postpone any official visit plans (Stanford) until after his season ends.

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