ND Meets Expectations for Four-star Barnwell

Nadir Barnwell, a four-star athlete from Piscataway (N.J.) High, made an unofficial visit to Notre Dame for Saturday's game against USC. He spoke to IrishEyes.com about the visit, what he was told about receiving an offer from the Irish and much more.

Piscataway (N.J.) High 2013 athlete Nadir Barnwell headed to Notre Dame for the weekend with the idea he would pick up an offer while there.

That didn't happen, but it didn't dampen the 5-foot-11, 180-pounders unofficial visit for Saturday's game against USC.

"They said they were going to (offer)," said Barnwell, who is being recruited by schools to play receiver and cornerback but plays quarterback for the Chiefs. "They said they have intentions to. As long as they offer, I'm fine with it."

Barnwell holds offers from Rutgers and Florida, and is getting plenty of attention from Penn State and Georgia.

He and his father flew into Chicago on Friday, traveled to campus Saturday and flew home Sunday morning. It was his first visit to South Bend, Ind.

"It think it was great," Barnwell said. "I had fun. It was amazing. The campus is amazing and stadium is bananas, and the crowd was excited. They were really into game. It was a crazy atmosphere and a lot of fun."

Barnwell researched the school before he made his visit, and it lived up to his own expectations. "I knew it was going to be crazy, and I knew it would be good," he said. "I had people telling me I would love it and the fans are bananas. I was expecting it like that."

Barnwell arrived Saturday morning and toured the campus.

"It was great," Barnwell said. "I liked how the campus looked. I would have liked to see how it is outside of a football game. The campus was crazy because of students and fans tailgating. I would like to see what it is like on a (non-game) day.

"They took us over (to the Grotto and Basilica). I took a bunch of pictures with the Heisman Trophy, and championship trophies as well. I do like Notre Dame a lot, so they kind of fulfilled what I thought it would be."

Barnwell also had an opportunity to talk with assistant coach Kerry Cooks and coach Brian Kelly before the game.

"I talked to defensive coach a lot, coach cooks," Barnwell said. "I talked to him a lot and I talked to the head coach a little bit in the tunnel before they went out on the field."

Finally, Barnwell discussed whether the loss has an impact on him.

"It would have been nice to win," he said. "It's not going to affect my opinion because my (high) school has two losses."

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