Hunter Bivin Talks Irish Visit

Hunter Bivin was one of many prospects in the class of 2013 to take in Notre Dame's game against USC. checked in with the Kentucky native about his experience.

Saturday night gave Owensboro (KY) Apollo High School offensive lineman Hunter Bivin a chance to see Notre Dame in action.

"It was a different recruiting experience as compared to anywhere else I have been," said Bivin. "I've already been up to Notre Dame twice this year outside the USC game. Coach Kelly has never really talked or addressed the recruits as a whole. However, they had like 16 players on campus for official visits and like the top 11 prospects in the country where there this weekend. So there was more addressing the group as a whole as there were like 60 recruits in all, like their top 60 is how they explained it.

"Coach Kelly came in and gave his (speech) and it was a heck of a speech...afterwards I was ready to go in and strap it up myself."

Many Irish fans now worry the game's outcome could affect recruits thoughts on the Irish. How much did the loss to USC affect Bivin's?

"Me being an offensive lineman I tend to watch my position," said Bivin. "I think Zack Martin is one of the best in the business and I've watched Notre Dame's offensive line all year. They are a great unit and I feel the reason Notre Dame loss to USC and the other two games is one simple thing, turnovers.

"They've had too many turnovers and the offensive line can't really control the number of turnovers they have. So I pay attention to how the offensive line performs to see what type of schemes they run and how well they are coached. I'll base my decision based on how my position plays and how they react to certain situations. When USC picked up that fumble and ran it back for a touchdown, the offensive line came right back out, dug in and kept fighting no matter what the score was."

Another concern the Irish faithful had prior to the game was there being too many recruits at the game and some leaving feeling the red carpet was not rolled out for them. Did Bivin's come away feeling slighted?

"I knew coming in there were going to be a lot of big time recruits there," said Bivin's. "Me being a junior, I didn't expect to come in and get as much attention as they need to give to the guys in the 2012 class.

"It is nut cutting time with the 2012 class and they have to recruit those guys as hard as possible. I understand that completely and so did the other members of the 2013 class I spoke with at the game. I don't think the number of recruits really had anything to do with the quality of the visit."

Nevertheless, Bivin was surprised by the amount of time Hinton and Irish offensive line coach Ed Warinner gave him.

"I spoke with coach Hinton a lot and I was surprised by the amount of time he gave me," said Bivin's. "I also spoke with coach Warinner and I appreciated the time they spent with me as I know they had so many guys there and a job to do."

A lot was made about the new helmets worn by the Irish and the new sound system used in Notre Dame Stadium. Do recruits take all that into account when looking at a program?

"I do," said Bivin's. Notre Dame is notorious for not having a jumbotron or advertisements and things. I did like the new helmets and sound system. Nevertheless, when it comes to Notre Dame and its atmosphere and surrounding, Notre Dame is still Notre Dame and my opinion of Notre Dame is not going to be swayed by any of that. I'm still blown away by Notre Dame."

While Bivin has yet to be offered by the Irish, he said things look strong he'll receive one in the next few months.

"I went to camp and earned their top performer award," said Bivin. "Coach (Tim) Hinton told me if coach Kelly would have been there I would have gotten an offer from them before I left campus. However, with coach Kelly not being there they couldn't offer me without him seeing me play. So once I get my highlights together and send it to them, coach Hinton said he's 99% sure they'll offer." Top Stories