Elmer Concentrating on Notre Dame

Saturday offered another chance for class of 2013 Notre Dame pledge Steven Elmer to visit his future home.

One of the hottest tickets in college football this past weekend was Notre Dame's battle with USC. For 2013 Irish pledge Steven Elmer, it was a chance to share the experience with a close family member and to connect with future teammates in the process.

"I had a really good visit," said Elmer. "I took my grandfather with me so I had a great time there. Before the game we had a great time and during the game we had a great time. We wished it would have turned out differently, but you cannot take away the fact we had a really good day before that."

For Elmer the chance to see the Irish under the lights gave him a chance to see a different side of the Irish football program. How would he compare the setting to his previous visits to campus?

"I really liked the atmosphere of the Michigan State game," explained Elmer. "However, this one was a lot different as it was a night game and really crazy. I thought it was real good at the Michigan State game, but this one was even better. I just love the atmosphere at Notre Dame, in the stadium and all around campus."

With Elmer still over a year away from getting to campus, how much time did he use to connect with prospects the Irish are working on to join him?

"I did my best to talk with as many guys as I could," said Elmer. "But like I said before, there were so many guys there. We had a barbecue lunch and we took that time to meet some new faces and reconnect with some familiar ones. So I got a chance to talk with a lot of different guys who are great athletes who were there to look at Notre Dame. So I just tried to do my part."

Who did Elmer connect with on Saturday?

"I spent quite a big of time with Mark Harrell and his family this weekend," said Elmer about the 2012 Irish pledge. "I really like those guys and he's a really nice guy to. It was nice to meet him. I also met Nick Baratti during the Michigan State game and to be honest, I've not really met anyone I don't like yet."

One of the great things for Elmer is not having the stress of the recruiting process. Looking back, has he found things to be better since giving the Irish his pledge?

"It's been great to be able to relax and not having to think about any of these other places," said Elmer. "I was always really thinking about Notre Dame, and now I'm happy I can just buckle down and concentrate on Notre Dame."

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