Eventful Weekend for Breneman

Tight end Adam Breneman was one of many 2013 recruits on hand for Saturday's match-up between Notre Dame and USC. However, Breneman almost didn't make the trip.

Pre-game talk prior to Saturday's big game between Notre Dame and USC centerred around the number of recruits expected to be on campus. One of those expected was Camp Hill (PA) Cedar Cliff High School tight end Adam Breneman.

The 6-foot-5, 220-pounder almost did not make the trip.

"It started off being a rough weekend," said Breneman. "Friday night we won our game like 40-something to 20-something. However, I got knocked out with a concussion right after the first quarter.

"I had four catches for 74 yards in the first quarter and on our first drive of the second quarter I was going for a catch and got knocked out. There was a chance I wasn't going to be allowed to go to Notre Dame, however, the doctors said I could still go and it turned out to be a very good trip."

What is Breneman's status for this weekend?

"I find out in the next couple of days if I'll be able to play this weekend," explained Breneman. "I took an impact test and we're doing everything we can to get back on the field this week. So I have to go talk with the doctors and see if they'll clear me in the next couple of days."

As for his experience on the Notre Dame campus, Breneman came away impressed with more than just the facilities.

"The atmosphere was great," said Breneman. "My favorite part of the day was during the Irish Walk. It's mind boggling how Notre Dame fans follow recruiting and they were out there calling all of our names."

While Breneman would have liked to catch up with Irish head coach Brian Kelly, he fully understood it was more his lateness than Kelly not reaching out to him.

"I had a chance to speak with coach (Charley) Molnar and coach (Chuck) Martin before the game. I did not get a chance to talk with coach Kelly because we got there later than most kids did. However, I did have a great talk with coach Molnar about the role of the tight end in their offense and how they see me filling Tyler Eifert's role in a few years.

"I also spoke with coach Martin because he had come to one of my games this season to see me play. So we talked about that. I really like the coaching staff at Notre Dame."

What Breneman saw on the field has left a positive impression in his mind about the Irish.

"As for the game outside of the outcome, how Notre Dame uses the tight end is great. I can see myself in their offense as they use the tight end in several different ways. Tyler Eifert had like seven catches and was very impressive."

As for the effects of having so many recruits at one game, Breneman said it was expected.

"There were a lot of guys and a lot of elite recruits as well. I think at a place like Notre Dame that is a good problem to have. I've been to other places where you may get more individual attention, but I understand they had many guys there taking their official visits. But overall the atmosphere was great and overall it was a great trip."

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