Notre Dame Commit Relives Latest Visit

Hanahan (S.C.) High receiver and Notre Dame commit Chris Brown returned to South Bend (Ind.) with his family for the USC game. It was his first trip since his September commitment, and he brought his family along to show them why he chose the Irish. Brown spoke to about the trip, and whether it sold his family on the Irish.

Hanahan (S.C.) High receiver and Notre Dame commit Chris Brown had plenty of time during the 12-hour car ride home from the USC game to digest his unofficial visit.

Having committed five weeks ago during an official visit, and knowing he needed to show his parents why he thought Notre Dame was the right place for him, the 6-foot-3, 180-pound Brown talked to his family during much of the drive home.

"I asked everyone what they thought, and everything was positive," Brown said. "All the coaches really treated you like family. This is the first time I was up there since I committed, and they actually treat you like family."

It capped a strong weekend for Brown, who began it by making scoring four touchdowns on five catches for 137 yards in his return, a 57-6 win against Stall. Brown missed more than a month with a broken collarbone.

"I set it up so my mom and dad could meet everybody and see almost everything," Brown said. "I didn't really see different stuff, but having my family there made me feel more comfortable. I could show them everything and let them see it instead of just my word.

"They loved the fact that it speaks for itself. It reminded me of me. They see a blue-collar type of place. I'm not really a flashy person. It kind of suits my style."

Brown's official visit came during the Sept. 17 Michigan State game, but he said the atmosphere was more charged for the Trojans.

"It was definitely electrifying because of the tradition between the two teams," he said. "My grandma, my mom and my dad were saying, ‘These are die-hard fans,' and we've been to some pretty good games.

"After the game I was talking with some of the coaches and they were telling me (USC) had (Michael) Floyd covered over the top, and they were telling me that they could definitely use deep threat. They said I had the ability to stretch the defense."

Brown also did plenty of recruiting while on the trip, including a discussion with the nation's No. 1 running back, Keith Marshall, of Millbrook High in Raleigh, N.C.

"They had some pretty good recruits there, and I was talking to Keith Marshall," he said. "He and I went to the same middle school area in North Carolina, and I was asking him what he felt. I was trying to tell him to join the team. It was fun."

The remaining question for Brown, who was contemplating other official visits after his September commitment, was whether he will make more trips.

"I had a visit to Virginia Tech and we cancelled that," Brown said. "I'm pretty sure I'm done." Top Stories