Brown has Seven Offers

Andre Brown is a big back. The 6-1, 215-pound bruisers says he is just as likely to make you miss as he is to run over you. The Grennville, NC prospect has seven offers so far and many other top schools are interested. Will the Irish be in the race?

Andre Brown had an excellent junior season rushing for 2, 298 yards and 17 touchdowns. Schools have taken notice of Brown. "I have seven offers," said Brown. "Maryland, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Virginia, Duke and East Carolina have offered me. Tennessee, Florida State, North Carolina, North Carolina State and Duke have called me so far."

Many of North Carolina's top prospects usually stay in state and choose a local school. Brown said he is open to anyone. "I'm not from North Carolina. I'm from Baltimore so that doesn't bother me at all."

Brown carries a 3.5 in his core G.P.A. and is waiting for the results from his test that he took in May.

Brown appears open to anyone at this point but is looking for a few things in a school. "I'm going to look at the overall area, the whole picture. I want to major in computer science so hopefully they have a good program in that area. I will look at the graduation rates of their athletes. I will also look at the coaching staff and see how I fit in there with them."

The star tailback says people say he reminds them of Eddie George but he has a different view of himself. "I think I'm a finesse back. I will pound you in the first half and then put a move on you in the second half. I can do both well."

Brown says he is wide open but did give Irish Eyes a list of some of the schools that are on his mind recently. "Nebraska, Georgia, Notre Dame, Florida State, North Carolina State and Maryland. There are others I'm interested in though."

Comments. If Notre Dame offers, expect them to move up on the list. I think Brown has a sincere interest in Notre Dame. His test score will be important but the Irish have been recruiting him. I hear he is a great player and more offers should come soon. Top Stories