Jadron Might Camp at Notre Dame

Jim Jadron plays his high school football at Joliet Catholic high school in Joliet, IL. Joliet Catholic has long been a school associated with great football and Division I prospects. Jadron certainly is a DI prospect and the Irish appear interested.

Jim Jadron is listed as 6-5, 285 pounds. He is being recruited as an offensive line prospect by most schools including Notre Dame. "I have offers from Illinois, Indiana, Michigan State, Northern Illinois, Ball State, Western Michigan and Toledo," said Jadron. "I've received calls from mainly the BIG 10 schools and the MAC schools so far."

Jadron also received a call from Greg Mattison. "He came by my school and then called me later. He said they wanted to look at film and have the offensive line coach evaluate it. They really want me to come to their camp. If I go to any camps, they're one of the most likely I will attend. I like Notre Dame quite a bit."

Jadron isn't sure if he will attend any camps yet. "I will probably attend one or two. It depends on the cost and how expensive it's going to be."

The offensive line prospect says he has a 2.7 in his core and scored an 18 on his A.C.T. "I'm going to take that again. I know I can do better than that. I was nervous and I can get a better score than that."

Jadron seems interested in the power game of football. "I'm looking at schools who run the ball well. When you think of good running schools you think of Notre Dame, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Colorado. I think that is what I do the best."

The important factors in his decision will be the coaching. "I want to see how I get along with the coaches on a personal level. How I fit in there will be important. I also want to play early so where I can get on the field early will be important."

Jadron says the Midwest is probably where he will end up but isn't ruling anyone out yet. "I would like to stay in the Midwest. I feel comfortable here but I will look at anyone that is interested in me. I will probably take some visits and get a feel for everyone. I probably won't decide real early."

Jadron sas he has some top schools at this time. "Right now it would probably be Notre Dame, Nebraska, Illinois, Penn State, Michigan, Iowa, Colorado and Indiana. I'm open to anyone though and that could change."

Comments. I think the Irish have a great shot here. I hope he will attend camp or latest visit there unofficially. He said he went to a Notre Dame game when he was eight but doesn't remember much about it. I don't know how interested the Irish are at this point but I expect them to recruit him.

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