Irish Visit Awesome

Making his first game day visit to Notre Dame opened the eyes of 2013 offensive lineman Evan Lisle. spoke with Lisle about his visit.

Centerville (Ohio) offensive lineman Evan Lisle made a summer trip to visit Notre Dame. On Saturday, Lisle returned to see how the Irish looked during their battle against Boston College.

How was the trip?

"Awesome," said Lisle. "It was really cool as we sat in the front row. We did get hit by a few marshmallows as they were all over the place."

Lisle and his family looked to take in as much as possible on their visit.

"We got up there about 12:30 and had lunch," said Lisle. "We then walked around campus and then went over to the stadium and down on the field. I was able to speak with coach (Tim) Hinton on the field before the game and then we watched the game.

"He said he was glad that I got a chance to see a game," Lisle continued. "He knew I was there in the summer and had never seen them play before. So he was glad I was able to come up."

Lisle offered an in-season, game day visit was a huge contrast from his previous time on campus.

"It was a huge difference from my trip in the summer," said Lisle. "You don't really know what it's like until you go there with the fans there. They have such a great fan base and they were real cool. I didn't know about a lot of the traditions like the walk and things, so it was cool getting the chance to see that."

While on the field Lisle looked from afar at what the Irish offensive linemen were doing.

"They are big and looked good from what I saw," said Lisle. "I could see myself playing at Notre Dame and they are in my top three. But we'll have to see what happens." Top Stories