Gaskins Hoping to Hear from Notre Dame

Anthony Gaskins hails from Orange, NJ--Bishop Francis Essex high school. The 6-3, 255-pound offensive center prospect has seen interest from some schools and Notre Dame has stopped by his high school. Is Gaskins interested in Notre Dame?

Gaskins also plays defensive tackle and recorded 40 tackles and 4 sacks last year on defense. "I don't know my offensive stats like pancakes or anything like that," said Gaskins.

As of now, nobody has offered Gaskins. "No offers yet," said Gaskins. "Navy and Hofstra have said they will offer soon. Rutgers and Army also called me in May. Maryland, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Duke and Notre Dame stopped by my school."

Gaskins is also a very solid student. "I have about a 3.8 in my core. I took the test and scored a 1030 on my S.A.T. I'm looking for the best academic situation for me. I will look at graduation rates. I kind of want to get a little bit away from New Jersey. I will be looking for a school where I feel I fit in."

Summer will be busy for Gaskins. "I think I'm going to stop by some one day camps but I haven't figured out where yet. It will probably be more local schools. Maryland, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Duke, Rutgers, schools like that."

Notre Dame is definitely a school he is interested in. "I'm definitely interested. Their tradition and their academics are second to none. It's a great school and I hope they recruit me."

Comments. Gaskins is a great kid but not many of the top schools have shown much interest at this point. I will keep an eye on him. He would fit in well but I'm not sure he is a top target at this point. Top Stories