Houston Prospect Hopes to Hear From Irish

<P>Houston, TX is home to Clyde Edwards. The 5-10, 165 pound wide receiver/corner prospect plays his high school ball at Westbury high school in Houston. Edwards has two offers so far and other top schools appear interested. Are the Irish in the race? </P>

Clyde Edwards had a solid junior season. He was sure on his receptions but scored 8 touchdowns receiving. He also recorded 45 tackes and one interception as a corner.

A few schools have already offered. "Colorado and Wisconsin have offered me," said Edwards. "Texas A&M said they will offer. After that, I haven't heard a lot from other schools. I get a lot of letters but only those three have called me."

Edwards is a solid student with a 3.9 in his core and scored a 1090 on his S.A.T.

The Irish haven't been in contact much with Edwards yet. I get letters, I received a hand-written letter from the coach recruiting this area but that is about it. I'd be very interested in Notre Dame."

Edwards hasn't made any plans for the summer as of yet. "All the colleges that have called want me to come to their camp. I might go to a few, I'm not sure yet."

The Houston prospect is just taking his time with recruiting. "I have no idea when I might commit. I'm not leaning anywhere. I don't know enough about any of the schools yet. Colorado, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, LSU, A&M, Tennessee and Iowa are the schools I'm most interested in right now."

Comments. We'll have to wait and see how much interest the Irish have in Edwards. He is a very polite kid and would fit in well at Notre Dame. I will keep an eye on him as well.

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