Byers Is Top Prospect

<P>Loveland, CO is home to Jeff Byers. The 6-3, 270-pound prospect has 28 offers right now and many more are likely on the way. He plays both ways for Loveland high school and some schools are recruiting him for defense. Are the Irish involved with this top prospect? </P>

I have heard Jeff Byers is one of the best linemen to come along in a while. It appears everyone else has heard the same thing. "I have 28 offers right now," said Byers. "Do you want me to list them all?" No, that won't be necessary Jeff.

Byers is known for his quickness and tenacity. He recorded 29 tackles for loss last year, 5 1/2 sacks and ended with 120 tackles from his defensive tackle position.

Most schools seem interested in him for offense however. "Most schools like me at center. Some are recruiting me to play defense and some say I could play either. I don't have a preference either way."

Byers is also a great student with a 3.9 core and a 25 on his A.C.T.

They Byers family is going to log a lot of miles this summer and have already. "I am going to Notre Dame in late June. I will also visit Michigan and Ohio State then. I will visit USC and UCLA in early June. I've already been to Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Colorado, Colorado State and Stanford already."

The Irish are interested but they haven't offered yet. It may just come tonight. "They haven't offered but Coach Willingham has been trying to call. I just haven't been home. Notre Dame has a great program and a great tradition. They have a great coaching staff as well. I would be interested in them just as I'm interested in anyone who wants to recruit me."

Byers plans to take his time with his decision. "I will decide when the time is right. I haven't had the chance to visit all the schools I want to see yet. When it feels right, I will decide."

The Colorado prospect is known as nasty on the field and I asked him what type of player he is on the field. "I play with a very high level of intensity. I love the game and that is the only way you should play this game."

Comments. Expect an offer soon for Byers. I bet Willingham is calling to do just that. Byers is as crafty on the phone as he is in the classroom. I predict that I won't get much of a feeling on him all year but I do think he likes the Irish quite a bit. Should be an interesting race and I hear this guy is a stud. Top Stories