Odenigbo Talks Irish Visit & More

Things are starting to come together for Centerville High's Ifeadi Odenigbo. With coaches making in home visits, Odenigbo knows soon he'll have to make a tough decision. We get the latest on where Notre Dame stands and a possible announcement.

Over the past year, Centerville (Ohio) defensive end Ifeadi Odenigbo has gone from just another player on the team, to one of the top prospects in the country.

Having already taken visits to Notre Dame and Stanford, Odenigbo has an upcoming visit to Northwestern this weekend with hopes he'll see things a little clearer.

Early this week, Irish running back coach Tim Hinton stopped at the Odenigbo home to visit with Ifeadi and his mother Linda.

"Notre Dame, Northwestern, and Stanford have all (visited)," said Odenigbo. "Coach Hinton came from Notre Dame and all the visits went pretty well.

"Coach Hinton really talked about why Notre Dame is a perfect fit for me and told me what they need is a linebacker," said Odenigbo. "He showed us a lot of video on an iPad comparing Notre Dame with Northwestern and Stanford. My mother really enjoyed it."

Was his father able to be home when coach Hinton and the other coaches visited?

"No just my mom," said Odenigbo. "My dad is out of the country right now. He'll be back in the next week or so as this is his busy time."

A lot of talk has surfaced about Odenigbo being a target of new Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer. Did Meyer reach out to him about the Buckeyes?

"No he has not called me," said Odenigbo. "Coach Meyer hasn't called me, but I heard he's replaced a lot of the coaching staff and I'm not too sure about all of that right now."

Odenigbo made a return trip to Stanford for his official visit. How did it compare to his Notre Dame visit?

"The trip to Stanford was really nice," said Odenigbo. "And the game against Oregon was amazing. Notre Dame was louder, however, the atmosphere was just as intense. Notre Dame was so loud I could barely hear myself think. Notre Dame kind of put us in seats with a crappy view where you couldn't see all the action on the other side of the field. Stanford had us right in the middle so you could see the whole field. So I had the best seats in the house."

This weekend finds an official visit to Northwestern. Will this trip help in making his college commitment?

"Yes," said Odenigbo. "I'm going to take my official to Northwestern and we'll see how the whole Ohio State thing goes. However, after my official visit to Northwestern, I'll have a little over a month to regroup and think about it.

"So I have plenty of time because if I take my official to Northwestern and commit a week after it, that wouldn't be fair to the other schools because Northwestern would still be fresh in my mind.

"After all the (impact of the) visit wears off I'll recap them and make my commitment because I don't see the point in waiting longer since I've taken all my officials."

Should fans expect a big press conference when he makes his college pledge?

"No, I'm really not that kind of guy," said Odenigbo. "When it comes to making my decision, I might call the coaches a day in advance. I don't want to be that guy that commits to a school and catches the coaches off guard. Right now I'm thinking about just keeping it simple."

Prior to making his decision Odenigbo has one more prep game to take part in.

"I leave on December 31 for the Under Armour game," said Odenigbo. "The game is January 4th, so I've been lifting and training for it to make sure I'm ready."

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