Decker's Commitment: Part II posted Thursday night about Taylor Decker hearing from Ohio State. Here is the rest of our conversation with the Notre Dame pledge.

Taylor Decker told on Thursday night he was 100 percent Irish. However, he knows Ohio State and other programs may still look to get him to take an official visit.

"As of right now no," said Decker of planned visits. "I don't think it's going to happen at Ohio State or any other school. As I said, if I were to take a visit, I feel like it would look bad upon me as I've been saying I'm all Notre Dame and then go and shop myself around to other schools would not be right.

Despite Decker's solid ground with the Irish, he will make a return phone call to new Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer.

"I did listen to what coach Meyer had to say and told him I would contact him," said Decker. "However, I'm going to talk with him on Friday and tell him what I think about it."

Stepping Away

Decker joined many Americans last week at this time, using Thanksgiving as a chance to add to his growing body.

"It was really good," said Decker of the Holiday weekend. "I ate a ton of food and finished all the leftovers before the next day. I was just killing food."

A long-time basketball player, Decker has decided to skip hoop season his senior year and prepare for when he reports to Notre Dame.

"No I'm not playing basketball this season," said Decker. "I'm just working with a trainer and working out running and trying to get stronger and be in better shape. I'm also trying to do skill work without pads to continue to get better."

At one point Decker had been approached to play in one of the national all-star games.

"Right now I'm not going to be playing in any of the all-star games," said Decker. "I'll probably be invited to play in the Ohio North-South game or the Big 33 game and I'll play in at least one of them to represent my school, the Greater Western Ohio Conference, and Notre Dame." Top Stories