Redmond Talks Irish

Notre Dame made an in-home visit this week with Memphis (TN) defensive back Will Redmond. caught up with Redmond Saturday about the visit and if he'll make a trip to Notre Dame anytime soon.

Earlier this the week we updated the on again/off again interest in Memphis (TN) East defensive back Will Redmond.

Redmond, who has always spoken highly about the Irish, met with coach Tim Hinton, who visited his home this week.

"Yes sir, coach Hinton visited and it went good," said Redmond. "We talked about a lot of different stuff.

"We talked about me visiting Notre Dame in a week or so. I've had other dates on the field and have not been able to get up there. We may try one weekend or move one of the other schools back to the middle of the week to go up there."

One aspect of Notre Dame Redmond is intrigued about was the position the Irish see him playing.

"Coach Hinton said the wide receiver and defensive back coach both wanted me," said Redmond.

What schools other than Mississippi State and Notre Dame does Redmond hold in high regard?

"Georgia, Vanderbilt, and Tennessee," said Redmond. "I have no problem being a little bit away from home. Vanderbilt and Mississippi State are like three hours away. I would still be pretty far even if I was in-state."

With talk of a possible coaching change at Mississippi State has it affected his pledge to the Bulldogs?

"No not at all," said Redmond. "It was just I want to take my five official visits to be on the safe side. I didn't really choose Mississippi State because of the coaches. I made it a part of (the decision), but coaches can change at any time at any school.

"I want to see Notre Dame. I won't be up there next weekend because I'll be playing in an all-star game. So it will be following that."

One questions some have of Redmond is if having a teammate at a school could play into the factor of his decision?

"In one way it would be more comfortable," said Redmond. "However, I need to do what is best for me." Top Stories