Siler Has Some Big Offers

Evans high school in Orlando, FL is home to Brandon Siler. The 6-3, 220-pound athlete is being recruited for a number of positions. Quite a few of the top schools have offered him and the Irish appear interested.

Brandon Siler has some impressive offers. "USC, Florida, Florida State, Georgia tech, West Virginia and South Carolina have offered me, I know there are more but I can't remember them all," said Siler. "I also received calls from Ohio State, Michigan, Tennessee, Maryland, Clemson, Central Florida and Miami."

Siler plays linebacker, running back and wide receiver in high school. "I'm not sure where I will end up but it will probably be linebacker. Some schools are interested in me as a running back. I don't know my stats, you will have to call my coach to get those."

Siler said he doesn't plan to attend any camps. He is also fully qualified with a 3.3 core GPA and scored a 1,000 on his S.A.T.

Academics are important to Siler. "I want to finish college and get a good degree. I will probably major in business. I will look at the football aspect too. See where the schools are recruiting me and what their depth chart looks like. I'm not going to any camps so I will have to see these schools on my official visits. I plan to take all five of my visits right after my season.'

Notre Dame also appears interested in Siler and he is interested in the Irish. "I'm interested in them. They tried to call me but I wasn't home. I get letters from them all the time. They have a good academic school and tradition. The location doesn't matter to me. I will go wherever I feel the most comfortable."

Siler says he hasn't begun to narrow anything down yet. He is just going to see what happens with recruiting and then decide where to visit after his season.

Comments. A nice kid who would fit in well. He seems wide open and open to anyone at this point. I am going to guess he waits until the end because he doesn't seem that bothered with it right now. He is one of the better players in Florida and they usually wait until the end to decide. Top Stories