Five Questions: FSU - Part Two

The Irish are settled in Orlando for the Champs Sports Bowl and a battle against Florida State. Part Two of our regular Five Questions feature examines the matchup.

Adapting to the weather is only one aspect of our second group of questions/points of interest in our look at this week's Notre Dame bowl battle against Florida State.

Question One B: Will the Irish offense suffer any hiccups with former offensive coordinator Charley Molnar not in the box?

When Molnar was named head coach at UMass the plan called for him to stay with the team until the finish of the bowl game. However, after look everything over at his new job, Molnar knew he needed to be 100 percent working for the Minutemen.

Question Two B: What issues will the change in temperatures and weather have with the Irish?

There is a reason bowl games are played in many warm weather states and not in places like South Bend, Indiana. The Irish turned up the heat during their indoor practice sessions prior to leaving for the Sunshine State. However, real sun and warm temperatures are different than man-made.

Question Three B: What effects will the Irish have from all the outside distractions associated with a bowl game in Orlando?

Last year's team had some basic bowl functions to deal with in Texas. Orlando, Florida is a different animal as trips to Disney and Universal Studios give players more free time away from football.

Question Four B: Will the Irish offensive line be able to control the pass rushing attack of the Seminoles?

The Irish gave up only 13 sacks during the 2011 season. However, FSU has posted 36 sacks during the season. After a rough performance against Stanford, this area could be a major concern for the Irish.

Question Five B: Can the Irish defense place pressure and sack quarterback E.J. Manuel?

Florida State may have been stingy on defense against opposing quarterbacks; however, their offensive line has seen some struggles giving up 36 sacks during the season. Top Stories