Five Answers: FSU - Part Two

We finish answering our final set of questions posed prior to Notre Dame's loss to Florida State in the Champs Sports Bowl.

After taking a day to digest Notre Dame's loss to Florida State in the Champs Sports Bowl. finishes answering the final five questions asked prior to the game.

Question One: Will the Irish offense suffer any hiccups with former offensive coordinator Charley Molnar not in the box?

Answer One: The Irish only mustered up seven points and an average of 4.0 per offensive play. Did Molnar's absence make a difference? It was more likely that the Irish offensive struggles were the result of key turnovers (once again). It's too bad that Brian Kelly may not be looking at his former quarterback coach Greg Forest to join the staff.

Question Two: What issues will the change in temperatures and weather have with the Irish?

Answer Two: None as temperate weather was ideal at game time. In retrospect, Notre Dame fans should have wished for a driving rain storm to keep the Irish on the ground more.

Question Three: What effects will the Irish have from all the outside distractions associated with a bowl game in Orlando?

Answer Three: The defense came ready to play as expected and the offense should have posted more points on the scoreboard. From all accounts the Irish looked as if they were ready to win.

Question Four: Will the Irish offensive line be able to control the pass rushing attack of the Seminoles?

Answer Four: Many expected Florida State to put a large amount of pressure on the Irish quarterbacks and while they did record four sacks and four quarterback hurries, the Irish offensive line provided enough protection for the team to walk off the field with a victory.

Question Five: Can the Irish defense place pressure and sack quarterback E.J. Manuel?

Answer Five: Yes! The Irish had Manuel on the run for the entire first half. By the end of the game the defense sacked Manuel five times and applied (official) pressure additional five times. However, Manuel and the Seminoles offense made adjustments by the middle of the third quarter and the Irish looked to have backed off their pressure to compensate for issues in the defensive backfield. Top Stories