Vernaglia Will Visit Notre Dame

<P>Orange County, CA is home to Anthony Vernaglia. Vernaglia is a 6-4, 218-pound athlete that can play a number of positions. Vernaglia has some impressive offers and will be visiting Notre Dame this month. Will the Irish offer?

Anthony Vernaglia had a super junior season. He caught 43 passes for 898 yards and 13 touchdowns. He also recorded 75 tackles, 12 sacks and five forced fumbles while playing outside linebacker.

Vernaglia isn' sure what position he will play in college. "Probably outside linebacker. Most schools are recruiting me as an athlete so I'm not sure where I will end up."

A lot of schools are recruiting Vernaglia. "I have offers from UCLA, USC, Washington, Penn State, Virginia, Arizona State, Stanford, Cal and Purdue. I also received calls from Notre Dame, Arizona, Oklahoma and Colorado. There were more but I can't remember them all."

Notre Dame is a schools that Vernagilia is definitely interested in. "I like their tradition and what Notre Dame stands for. Coach Willingham is awesome and their football is incredible. It's a great combination of football and academics."

The Irish will be getting a visit from Vernaglia on June 26-28. "We are going to visit there in June. I went to camp as a freshman at Stanford and I really liked Coach Willingham. I talked to Coach Baer and he said they would probably give me an offer."

Distance won't be a problem for Vernaglia. His Dad played for Penn State and he has a lot of family on the East Coast as well. He also plans to make a decision before his senior season begins.

Top schools? "In no order, Penn State, Virginia, USC, UCLA and Notre Dame are my top five."

Comments. The Irish haven't offered yet. If they do, expect them to be in the race. All of his other top schools have offered. We will know soon if the Irish will offer. Top Stories