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Taylor Decker has been a Notre Dame pledge for the class of 2012 since early March. Now just two days into the new year, Decker is one of several Irish pledges learning the hard facts of college football recruiting. We have a short update from the Ohio offensive lineman.

Most of the country took Monday off for an extended New Years Holiday, but Taylor Decker and his classmates at Vandalia (Ohio) Butler High School were back at the grind of classes and therefore missing a lot of the college football games the rest of us enjoyed on television.

But that doesn't mean Decker was unaffected by the changes that took place with the Irish staff yesterday as his main recruiter Tim Hinton, and future position coach Ed Warinner, both left the Irish program.

"Sorry it's been a hectic day," Decker told by text message. "I've not really talked to any media today, only coaches. I dropped a line on a text message to a few people, but before I do any phone interviews I want to find out some things."

The things Decker is looking to do include talking with his high school coaches and parents about the changes in the staff. He knows coaches can come and go and his reason for picking Notre Dame was not only due to coaches. However, with his future position coach one of those on the move, Decker is looking for answers as to who he can expect to coach him in an Irish uniform.

(Note:) Irish Eyes is expecting to speak with Decker later on Tuesday. Top Stories