Is Decker Still Irish?

Taylor Decker explained to and Notre Dame fans late Wednesday night that he was still thinking things over. By Thursday, Decker had come to a decision and told what direction he was headed. spoke with Taylor Decker Wednesday night regarding the talented offensive lineman's status with Notre Dame.

Notre Dame recruiting coordinator Chuck Martin was in Ohio Wednesday to meet with Decker who had built a strong relationship with his main recruiter Tim Hinton, and future position coach Ed Warinner. Decker was stunned with Monday's news that the two coaches he'd built the strongest relationships with were no longer on the Irish staff.

By Thursday, Decker felt the answers he received from Martin were enough to allow him to make a decision.

"I was curious about what they were doing with the offense," Decker explained. "I also wanted to know where they were at in looking at coaches and in the hiring of an offensive line coach.

"I was very satisfied with the answers. They don't know who the offensive line coach is going to be at this time so that obviously can't be answered. But other than that they gave me enough information to make a decision."

On a scale of one-ten, Decker said the stress level he's felt hit a 15.

"It's been stressful to say the least," said Decker. "Did I want to reevaluate my decision or stick with my commitment? All I wanted was to make the right decision and make sure my mind is clear when I make the call one way or the other."

Decker looked back at his original reasons for selecting the Irish.

"When I chose to commit it was for the school and everything Notre Dame is about," said Decker. "It was also about coach (Brian) Kelly and the direction I felt he was going to take the program. Even though I have a great relationship with coach (Tim) Hinton and coach (Ed) Warinner, they were not the only reasons I chose to commit to Notre Dame when I did.

"Notre Dame is an opportunity of a lifetime. I can get into other schools (accepted) as a student alone. A school like Notre Dame is very selective and I may not have been able to get into Notre Dame if I was just a student. It's an opportunity of a lifetime in giving me the tools and giving me an opportunity to have a successful life whether that is in football or in a career."

The other reasons Decker chose the Irish back in March were confirmed during his official visit.

"I just feel I fit with the players I've met at Notre Dame," said Decker. "I've been given a great opportunity to get to know some of the guys on the team and see what they are like. I feel our personalities mesh well together and that is important because those are the people I'm going to be with more than anybody. So I feel I would fit in with the team."

In the end, Decker found Notre Dame to be the right place for him to continue his growth as a football player and person.

"I still think the same as I did at the beginning about Notre Dame," said Decker. "It's just being an 18 year old kid, I wasn't sure what my future would be. I doubted it and just needed to get information to feel comfortable instead of feeling like I was kind of blind in what was going on. I just needed to get questions answered, and I still think Notre Dame is a great place and I'm going to enjoy it as I know it's going to be amazing."

With Decker back into the fold, the Irish staff can concentrate of finishing strong with the many top targets they are still battling for across the country. Top Stories