Decker Makes The Call

Ohio offensive lineman Taylor Decker breaks down the reasons for his change from Notre Dame to Ohio State.

For Taylor Decker the past few days have been a whirlwind as he and his parents made a trip to Columbus for his official visit with Ohio State.

Decker knows the choices he makes now will have lasting effects on his future. On Sunday, Decker informed of his decision to make a change to one of those plans.

"I've de-committed from Notre Dame and have given Ohio State my pledge," Decker told by phone.

While Decker knew there was no easy way to tell the Irish coaching staff of his decision. He felt they deserved to be informed of the change personally.

"I tried to call coach (Chuck) Martin and coach (Brian) Kelly," said Decker. "Neither one answered their phone and I left each a message that they could call me back so we could speak. I was able to reach coach (Tony) Alford and inform him of my decision."

After being committed to Notre Dame since last spring, Decker found several reasons following his visit to make a commitment change to the Buckeyes.

"I would say there were several things in my decision," said Decker. "The first was academics. Notre Dame is a very prestigious school and would provide me a great education. However, when I made my commitment I knew Notre Dame did not have my major and that bothered me.

My goal has always been to major in sports medicine/exercise science. With Notre Dame, I would have to choose something different to major in. Ohio State offers this major allowing me to start right away working towards my career after football."

During his trip to Ohio State, Decker had a chance to really sit down and get to know new Buckeyes head coach Urban Meyer along with other members of the Buckeyes staff.

For Decker, this one-on-one time went a long way in healing any difference he may have felt from not being offered by the previous staff.f

"I've spoken to coach Meyer in the past," said Decker. "But this was the first time I really had a chance to sit down and get to know him. It would not be fair to hold it against coach Meyer or his staff for what happened with the previous staff.

I grew up an Ohio State fan and when this all started Ohio State was one of my top three schools. I feel coach Meyer is going to do great things at Ohio State and get things back on track with the program. Having the opportunity to play for him is amazing."

Did the fact Notre Dame does not currently have an offensive line coach play any part in this change?

"I know Notre Dame will hire a great coach," said Decker. "However, the two coaches at Notre Dame who I had built my best relationship with were coach (Ed) Warinner and coach (Tim) Hinton. Even if Notre Dame had hired a coach I don't feel it would have given me enough time to really build a strong relationship with him between now and signing day." and will have more coming on this major change of one of the top prospects in the country. Top Stories