Breneman Gives Latest on Irish

The success of Tyler Eifert has not gone unnoticed by top 2013 tight end Adam Breneman as he starts to look at the many programs that have already offered. caught up with Breneman for the latest information about his contact with the Irish.

Camp Hill (PA) Cedar Cliff tight end Adam Breneman is fast becoming one of the top prospects in the class of 2013.

Holding an offer from Notre Dame, Breneman knows things have changed with the Irish coaching staff and is looking forward to building a relationship with his new recruiting coach.

"I spoke with Coach (Scott) Booker last week," said Breneman about the newest member of the Irish staff. "Coach (Charley) Molnar had been my contact and he's left the program so Coach Booker sent me an email letting me know he was my new recruiter and asked me to give him a call."

While it was no surprise to hear from Booker, Breneman said another Irish coach has also reached out.

"Coach (Mike) Denbrock sent me a message on Facebook and asked me to call him," continued Breneman. "So I called him on Monday as he was getting on a flight. I hope to talk with him in the next couple of days."

With National Signing Day only two weeks away, Breneman knows things are about to get crazy as the 2013 class takes center stage.

"It's getting crazy already," explained Breneman. "Talking with some of the older guys they've told me it will get even crazier before all is said and done.

"I'm just trying to not get too overwhelmed with all of it and just take it all in stride and take it for what it is."

As for any future visits to South Bend, Breneman only has a couple planned at this time. However, there is a very good reason he'll look to return for a visit with the Irish.

"I haven't made any solid plans for anywhere really yet other than Maryland and Penn State because they are so close," said Breneman. "However, I think we're going to hit some places in the spring and Notre Dame would be one as my mom hasn't seen the campus yet.

"Depending upon how things go over the next couple of months will determine where all we visit. Obviously we can't visit everywhere, but the far away schools we'll look to visit several of them this spring." Top Stories