IE Breakdown: Scott Daly

Giving a scholarship to a long snapper raised questions by many Irish fans. However, in this breakdown we hope to show why Brian Kelly made Scott Daly a top priority for the Class of 2012.


HT – WT – SPEED :Listed at 6-foot-3, 230-pounds, Scott Daly will add some weight in the coming years in Notre Dame's strength program and should be expected to get between 245-255-pounds before his career ends.

QUICKNESS – AGILITY – BALANCE : So much goes into being a snapper that it is often overlooked. For a player to excel as a long snapper they must excel in all these areas. Snapping the ball is only a small part as they also must be able to engage a defender and seal the middle of the line before sprinting down the field in the right lane to make a play.

BODY FLEXIBILITY : An avid yoga student, Daly has gone to the extreme to make sure his body is capable of performing a move that is not natural while also being able to take a pounding at the point of attack. Long snapping is an art form and body flexibility is one of the keys to a player being successful.

DURABILITY : The beating taken by long snappers is often over looked. However, with Daly's size and athletic ability he should prove to be durable enough to stay in the lineup.

PRODUCTION : Daly has proven during his high school career to be solid in this area. For a high school football team to have a player of this ability is rare and Downers Grove (IL) South will miss Daly next fall.


Daly has the key numbers you want from a short & long snapper with his ability to hit .60 and .65 snap times from 15 yards out. Consider most college coaches only hope to find guys with times at .80 and the NFL judges .75 as a sign of a snapper who can play at the highest possible level. Not only does Daly have the timing down he's also shown the ability to keep his snaps on line with velocity and in a straight line. In high school Daly does more than just snap and should prove solid in his ability to get off the line of scrimmage to help make a play on special teams.


The No. 1 long snapper in the country may only get a two-star ranking, however, he's the top player at his position and the Irish were able to secure an early pledge from a player who fully understands what is expected out of him during his career. Daly has all the tools to continue his development into an NFL career and for the Irish to have been able to give him a scholarship will prove a great move when looking back upon the class if he continues the development he's shown to date. Top Stories