Morelli Should Decide Soon

Pittsburgh, PA prospect Anthony Morelli has had a busy spring. The 6-4, 210-pound quarterback has seen over 40 offers come his way. He will attend the Elite Eleven Camp and plans to visit a few schools over the summer before making his decision.

Anthony Morelli is excited about the Elite Eleven and getting out of school. "We don't get out until the 12th of June and I am going nuts. I can't wait to get out of school and I'm excited about the Elite Eleven Camp."

Morelli also has some plans to visit some schools. "My top five in no order is Ohio State, Pittsburgh, Florida State, UCLA and Notre Dame. I've already been to UCLA. I've been to Pitt a bunch of times because it's just down the street. Notre Dame is next. I will then try to get to Ohio State and Florida State before I make my decision."

The Irish are about the only school who hasn't offered Morelli at this point. "They came by the school and said they were going to look at everyone and at the end of May they would call me. Coach Diedrick called and said they evaluated 180 quarterbacks and he wanted to look at a few more quarterbacks at their camp and then they would make the decision on an offer. He said that I was their guy after they evaluated the film but he wanted to evaluate a couple of other guys at their camp before offering a scholarship."

Morelli hopes to make a decision soon. "I will make my decision before my season. I would like to make it sooner. If Notre Dame offers, they will definitely be in my top three if not higher."

Comments. I think Morelli is just waiting to see what the Irish do. If Notre Dame offers, I expect them to be near the top when he decides and he might just choose Notre Dame. The quarterback situation is getting very interesting. Top Stories