IE Breakdown: Romeo Okwara

We breakdown Notre Dame pledge Romeo Okwara of Charlotte (NC) Ardrey Kell High School.


HT – WT – SPEED : At 6-foot-4, 225-pounds Romeo Okwara is the type of athlete Paul Longo loves to bring into the Notre Dame strength program. Long frame with room to add bulk without losing speed will make the North Carolina native a major playmaker in the very near future.

QUICKNESS – AGILITY – BALANCE : On film Okwara shows great quickness off the edge to go with balance and agility to line up inside and get through the garbage in front of him to make a play.

BODY FLEXIBILITY : Natural bender in all body areas makes Okwara a player much should be expected of.

STRENGTH : As some have started to notice I look for the combination of flexibility in the upper and lower body area with a projection of physical strength. The more recoil a player can generate the more explosive he'll be on the field. Strength + explosion = Power and Okwara has the potential to be one of the top player in the Irish class in this area.

PRODUCTION : A player capable of playing outside linebacker or defensive end gives the Irish more options on the defensive side of the ball. Okwara is capable of making things happen on his own much like current Irish defender Aaron Lynch. While he's still some development away from being where Lynch is at this time, the future is very bright for Okwara to become a major playmaker in the very near future. Keep in mind he's only sixteen years old.


For such a young and inexperienced player Okwara has come a long way in his football development. While he may have only received a three-star ranking from, his future is bright as he continues to get bigger, faster and stronger. The Irish will first look at Okwara as an outside linebacker and could also move him up to defensive end depending upon how big he gets. Has played with his hand on and off the ground and has shown the ability to get to the quarterback. If he plays outside backer he'll need to work on coverage aspects to his game.


Okwara is a player many are going to regret not getting in the near future as he continues to develop his body and game. This is a major steal for the Irish as Okwara is a playmaker in the very near future. He'll have some learning to do if he starts off as an outside backer, however, his natural physical abilities are as good as anyone the Irish will sign. Top Stories