Bivin Receives Dream Offer

With Notre Dame extending an offer, Hunter Bivin has seen his dream school add to his growing list. Is Bivin ready to jump for the Irish? spoke with Bivin about his offer and the direction of his recruitment.

With the Class of 2012 in the books, work has started for Brian Kelly and the Notre Dame coaching staff to identify and offer the next group of players the Irish hope to sign next February.

One of those players is Huter Bivin of Owensboro (KY) Apollo High School. Bivin, a 6-foot-7, 287-pound offensive tackle dreamed about playing for the Irish for years. However, now faced with the reality of college recruiting, Bivin has seen an influx of offers over the past month.

Has this surprised him?

"It definitely has," said Bivin. "I entered the month of January with one offer and ended it with 10. Right now Ohio State, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Mississippi State, Auburn, Miami, Tennessee and Indiana have all offered."

One thing that has changed between Bivin and the Irish is his main contact. Who has taken the lead in reaching out and making contact?

"Coach (Harry) Heistand the new offensive line coach and coach (Chuck) Martin," he explained. "I also spoke with Coach Kelly on the phone the other day. He said he knew I was a Notre Dame fan and kind of sold the new offensive line coach to me. Coach Heistand use to coach in the NFL and coached David Diehl who is playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday. Coach Kelly said he really loved my film and wanted to get me up for a visit soon."

Bivin visited Notre Dame last summer to take part in an offensive lineman camp. What does he remember about the visit?

"I really like it a lot," he said. "I've been a Notre Dame fan since I was a little kid. The campus is beautiful and I really like the coaching staff so far as well as all the tradition surrounding the Notre Dame program. I also really like Coach Heistand the few times I've spoken with him. I know he's coached a lot of great players and helped put them in the NFL."

Despite being a longtime fan of the Irish, Bivin is now learning about the programs who've offered and knows making a decision will not be easy.

"It's going to be a hard decision," said Bivin. "Right now I'm thinking of taking my five officials and go from there. You have to take your time and weed through all the schools that don't really care about the kids they offer. I'm trying to find a school where the coaching staff loves me as much as my coaches here do. So that is what I'm looking for."

Based more in SEC country, Bivin knows a lot of people may pencil him as a look to the programs in the conference. However, people might be surprised the direction he's look at.

"It won't be real hard," Bivin stressed. "The Big Ten is on the up and up as teams like Wisconsin have gone to the Rose Bowl and that is a big deal. I don't think it would be real hard to get away from the SEC. As I said it will be more about the coaching staff."

What thoughts does Bivin have about the direction the Irish program is headed?

"I feel Coach Kelly has the program going in the right direction," said Bivin. "I was talking with Coach (Art) Kehoe from Miami and he said something that has stuck with me. He said schools are like a roller coaster as they have their up and hit their peak and then they dip down before going back up. I feel it will be hard to keep Notre Dame down for a long, long time. I know they've been down and not won a BCS game for a long time, but I feel Coach Kelly has things headed in the right direction." Top Stories