Harris Goes Prime-Time

Notre Dame signed some great players in 2003. Irish Eyes caught up with Ryan Harris last night and Ryan was in top form. Ryan is going prime-time.

Ryan Harris has graduated from Cretin Derham high school and it's all business for Harris. "I've been lifting, running, eating and sleeping," said Harris. "That is all I plan to do until I report to Notre Dame."

The hard work is paying off for Harris. "I'm up to 275 right now. I've kept my quickness though. My speed times are actually faster so I am slowly putting on the weight and keeping my quickness and I'm getting faster."

Harris will start working soon as well. "I just got offered a job for about 10-20 hours a week so I will work some too. I plan to come down for a week in July to work out at Notre Dame."

The star offensive lineman doesn't have time for vacations. "I'm all business this summer. I won't be taking any vacations. I'm working out with Marcus Freeman right now and it's straight business for both of us. Marcus has told me what it takes to be ready to play and I am doing everything I can to get there."

Harris is also going prime-time on us. "I am going to be on MTV. I did a feature on MTV's "True Life" series. They called me up because they found that I was the lightest offensive lineman to sign and they wanted to follow me working out. It's going to air on August 6th. It was a lot of fun."

The TV star says he has some goals set for him this year. "My goal is to be a Freshman All-American and win the Heisman Trophy. Now, I don't want that to sound like I think I am coming in thinking I'm going to play or start. I just think you need to set your goals as high as they can be and you shoot for them. I don't know if I will even play but I am going to work as hard as anyone who will become an All-American. I just want to contribute in any way I can. I hope to get some minutes playing and I would love to end up being second team or even starting."

Harris has always set his goals high and continues to do that. He has goals set far beyond football. "I will probably major in administration or management. I will probably look into a foriegn language as well but I might also look into Political science."

The political science major is something he has talked about before when discussing his dream to be the U.S. President. "It's still a dream and something I'm very serious about. I'm not kidding in the slightest. I think I could be a great president. I'm seriously going to run for President. I am counting on your vote." If Ryan ever runs, he has my vote.

Ryan Harris is going to be a fan-favorite. He is dead-serious about running for President and he has the ambition and personality to win. I am really going to enjoy following Harris at Notre Dame and in life after football.

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