Future Domers Working Hard This Summer

Irish Eyes caught up with Tom Zbikowski, Travis Thomas and Chase Anastasio to find out what their plans are for the summer. All are working hard on their lifting programs and are excited to report to South Bend in August.

I caught up with Ed Zbikowski last night--father of Tommy Zbikowski. Ed said Tom's been working out very hard. "He's working out twice a day and and will be playing in the All-Star game this summer as well," said Ed Zbikowski. "He has a personal trainer he has been working with and he is almost 200 pounds right now."

Ed Zbikwoski said Tom and Joe Brockington have become good friends and Brockington is coming to visit the Zbikowski's. "Joe Brockington is coming here in July. He and Tommy will be working one week here with his trainer and one week at Notre Dame. They are going to alternate from Chicago to South Bend and try and pick up as much as they can there. Tom's been working on his defensive back drills and following the program. He really is working harder than I've ever seen him and he's not the kind of kid that would slack off."

Tom has graduated and he and Brockington plan to go to Columbus to work out with current signees Brady Quinn and Chinedum Ndukwe. "They are going there for about four days," said Ed Zbikowski. "They will be there working out with them for while. Tom wanted to work against a quarterback and a receiver so hopefully that will help him. They (Irish coaching staff) said they would try him out at corner first and he could move to safety."

Travis Thomas has also graduated from school. "It's great, I work out four times a week and I just relax on the weekends and the days I'm not working out. I weighed 201 today so I am getting bigger," said Thomas.

Thomas has also scored himself an impressive gig with work. "I am working for the Waller Corporation in their marketing department. I think it's a good opportunity for me and I'm learning a lot."

Thomas says he is just using the summer to prepare himself for college life and for football. "I am trying to prepare myself mentally and physically. I am working as hard as I can to be prepared and to be in the best shape I can be in when I report. I just want to contribute and hopefully I can see some playing time."

Thomas is excited about going to Notre Dame. "I'm very excited. I can't wait to get there. I'm really antsy right now but I'm trying to free my mind and relax a little bit before I have to hit the books."

Chase Anastasio is also working hard. He has two more days of school and graduates soon. "These last two days are killing me. I'm watching the clock and the time doesn't move. I have a few more finals and then I'm done."

Anastasio is also working with a personal trainer. "We are incorporating everything the workout booklet says along with some things that he wants to work on. Mainly speed and agility stuff. I should be in great shape when I report."

The Fairfax prospect is in good shape right now. "I'm up to 205 right now. I am working out hard. I don't plan to go to Notre Dame until I report. Coach Willingham sent out a letter saying he wasn't enocouraging guys to come up this summer so I will just work out with my personal trainer here and be ready to report in August."

Anastasio can't wait to get going. "I don't really know what to expect other than it's going to be hard. I just want to make a good first impression so I'm working hard to do that. They told me that I would be starting out at wide receiver and then we will see where we go from there. I just want to get on the field."

All the prosects seemed very excited about going to Notre Dame. I can't imagine the anticipation they must feel. It's a dream many Irish fans have had and never get to realize. Hopefully they all have good careers and leave with a degree.

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