Mitchum has 20 Offers

Erie, PA is home to offensive line/nose guard prospect Kyle Mitchum. Mitchum has 20 offers so far and the Irish have entered the picture late in the game. Does Mitchum have interest in the Irish?

Kyle Mitchum is 6-5, 265 pounds. He is being recruited as both an offensive lineman and a nose guard. He has 20 offers already and more are likley on the way.

"I can't remember them all," said Mitchum. "Penn State, Pitt, Syracuse, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Ohio State, Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Florida State, Miami, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Purdue, Wisconsin, Illinois and Tennessee are the teams I can remember right now."

The Irish came in late on Mitchum but he is interested in Notre Dame. "They came by my school late and got a copy of my film. They said they would let me know what they plan to do soon. I do have interest in them but I will have to see what happens. We might make a visit out there in July."

Mitchum plans to take a lot of unofficial visits this summer. "My coach is working that out for me. On Monday I'm going to Michigan and I will be at Ohio State on Tuesday. Later we are going out to visit Pitt, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina State, North Carolina. In July we are going to fly to Florida to see Miami and Florida State and then in late July we are thinking about going out west to see Iowa and Notre Dame."

Distance won't be a problem for Mitchum as he says he will go to the school where he feels the most comfortable. "How I feel with the coaching staff will be important. The academics is also important and how I feel when I'm on campus. My family will support any decision I make."

Mitchum also is a solid student with a 2.8 in his core. "I haven't received my scores back from my test. It should be here very soon."

Comments. If the Irish offer, they should have a shot. He seems interested but might make an early decision. The Irish will have to get into the race quickly if they want a chance at this talented player. Top Stories