SoCal Safety Has Notre Dame in Top 3

Mission Viejo (Calif.) High's Max Redfield has an early top three, and Notre Dame is in it. He plays receiver and safety for the Diablos, and he spoke to about his preferred position in college, and where Notre Dame envisions him playing. He also talked about why three schools are atop his list, and what he knows about the Irish.

Mission Viejo (Calif.) two-way standout Max Redfield doesn't plan on making a college decision until after his senior season, but he has a strong handle on a few schools and has Notre Dame in an early top three.

Redfield, who plays receiver and safety, is being recruited by the Irish to play safety.

"USC, Oregon and Notre Dame are my top three," the 6-foot-2, 195-pound Redfield said. "I've made connections with USC for a while. They've been recruiting me heavily since my sophomore year. I've been to a lot of games and I have teammates that go there.

"Oregon has kind of been like a dream school and I've always liked the program and the facilities and all that stuff.

"I used to live in (Hartford) and Notre Dame has always been a school my family has liked. I'm really interested in Notre Dame."

Redfield's contact with the Irish is through assistant coach Mike Denbrock, and the two speak regularly.

"I talk probably two or three times a week to coach Denbrock," Redfield said. "When he came down to my school he told me a lot about the program, and he told me a lot about academics and a lot about how good a Notre Dame degree is.

"I got a good vibe from him. I felt like I could trust him, and he definitely has valid information, and I feel like I got a good vibe for Notre Dame through him."

Redfield is yet to start delving deep into the Notre Dame program, but he thinks there will be plenty of time for that to happen.

"I definitely want to take an official visit there, and I'm talking to my mom about maybe taking an unofficial visit there," Redfield said. "I know how good their football program is doing there. I saw a few of their games (last) season and their coaching has always been solid. I know they have a great degree. A Notre Dame degree is a great thing to have."

Redfield made 33 tackles and had two interceptions as a junior. He also added 32 catches for 528 yards and five scores, and his exploits on both sides of the ball is something he wants to try and carry into college.

"(Notre Dame) is recruiting me for safety," Redfield said. "If I could choose (a position), it would be safety, but if I can, I would play both ways. I feel like I can make more of an impact playing on defense, whereas on offense I can't make as much of an impact down-to-down." Top Stories