What Just Happened?

If all had gone as planned Davonte' Neal would have signed his National Letter of Intent and handed it to FedEx for delivery to the school of his choice. Instead, college football fans and about 600 elementary school children are left scratching their heads and wondering what just happened.

Twenty days after high school senior football prospects could place pen to paper by signing binding letters of intent to the college of their choice, Davonte' Neal is still waiting to finish the process.

Neal, who had narrowed his choices down to Notre Dame, Arizona, North Carolina and Arkansas called for a special press conference to make his decision at his former elementary school, Kyrene de la Esperanza in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Tuesday was to be a day of joy for Neal, his family and the students who were gathered for the assembly being streamed by Fox Sports Arizona as the talented 5-foot-9, 180-pound athlete announced his future plans.

However, something happened between Monday night and Tuesday morning steering what should have been a day to remember into one many will want to forget.

With students waiting to see one of their own make a life changing decision, the thought of Neal not showing up for his day in the spotlight never crossed anyone's mind. Yet, Neal didn't show and after waiting an hour students were sent back to class while those who follow recruiting left scratching their head in one of the most bizarre scenes to ever happen in recruiting coverage.

Did Neal and his father have a falling out about the decision? That is one thought in the minds of many who have felt the father was pushing for Notre Dame while his son may have been thinking more of staying home and playing for Arizona.

As of this writing, Neal and his family have yet to release any information as to what happened or what will happen in the future.

Irisheyes.com and Scout.com will continue to follow these developments as they happen.

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