Randolph Will Look at Irish

Despite making a verbal pledge to Stanford in June of 2011, Doug Randolph has seen Notre Dame show considerable interest. Now with an Irish offer in hand, Randolph knows he must take a look before closing the door.

This week found Woodberry (VA) Forest linebacker Doug Randolph adding a Notre Dame offer despite his early pledge to Stanford this past summer.

After hearing how interested the Irish were from class of 2012 signee C.J. Prosise, Randolph heard firsthand from Coach Scott Booker he held an offer.

How does it feel to add the Irish to his list?

"It's a great honor for me to get the offer and I've been very blessed," said Randolph. "It's another blessing and a great offer as Notre Dame is a great place.

"I've been interested in Notre Dame and I'm kind of in shock right now as it feels great to have this one because it's a huge football school."

The decision to give Stanford such an early pledge was an easy decision because of the importance academics play in Randolph's life. What will he be looking for in a school to make a change?

"Academics are one of the main determining factors in whatever my final decision will be," said Randolph. "There has to be academics first and foremost."

While Randolph heard talk of an Irish offer he refused to get too excited about the program.

"It was one of those things I didn't want to get too excited before anything happened," Randolph explained. "I just wanted to wait until it was official.

"I'm pretty excited to go up there and check out everything. It should be great to get up there and check everything out with my parents."

What will the Irish have to do to sway Randolph away from the Cardinal?

"I don't know the answer to that question right now," Randolph said. "I have not been able to take a look at the school or a look at the academics and how I'll fit in. I also want to see what my family things about it.

"There are just too many variables that have not been explored to answer those questions right now."

One thing that could help the Irish is the distance his family would have to travel to see him play.

"For me family is first and foremost the most important thing to me," said Randolph. "I'm really close to my brother and sister and they are my best friends. I also speak with my parents if not every day almost every other day because it's tough here at boarding school and I'm really busy. But I make sure they are involved."

One thing Randolph is not worried too much about is the transition from high school student to college.

"The way our school is run it is very much college prep," explained Randolph. "I think Woodberry has prepared me because I've never heard of anyone coming out of Woodberry and being shocked during the first semester or first year in college, especially not athletes."

Unlike many during the recruiting process, Randolph is not looking for a quick fix college to ride into the NFL when he makes his final decision.

"I'm just looking for the highest academics around as I want the best of the best," he said. "I'm still looking at what I want to go into when I get older and wherever is going to open the most doors for me."

One thing helping the Irish is the early relationship being built with new coach Scott Booker and where the Irish project him on the field.

"We talk on Facebook almost every couple of days just to check in and to see how things are going," said Randolph. "He seems like a really great guy and he does a great job of marketing Notre Dame well.

"I've asked him a couple of times where they see me playing and he said they see me as an outside linebacker in their 3-4 defensive schemes.

"I've watched Notre Dame and feel I can fit in. I bounced around a lot this year and played a lot of different positions and feel I did ok. My coach also feels I did well considering I came into a new school playing a totally different position. So we'll have to see how I fit in but I feel I'll be able to make the transition pretty easily."

Randolph is expected to be on campus in early March for a Junior Day to learn more about the Irish and Irisheyes.com will check back with him on how the visit went.

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