Johnson Returns From Notre Dame Trip

A.L. Brown High (Kannapolis, N.C.) receiver Keeon Johnson was on Notre Dame's campus this weekend for the first time. How did it go? has the answers inside.

Keeon Johnson returned from his mini-junior day experience at Notre Dame, and the first thing he did Monday morning was speak with his coach, Mike Newsome, to glow about it.

The 6-foot-3, 195-pound Brown, who plays at A.L. Brown High (Kannapolis, N.C.), made the trip with his parents and grandmother.

"I talked to him this morning and he's really excited about it," Newsome said. "He sounded excited about all the facilities and he had all his pictures out and showing me on his phone. We talked about how Robert Blanton played for me (at Butler High in Matthews, N.C.) and is graduating this year, and we talked about how special Notre Dame is.

"I've been up there. I've spoken at their (coaches) clinic a few years ago. I've been up there before and I talked about how special of a place Notre Dame is, and he was in full agreement with me."

One of the things Johnson enjoyed was seeing the campus.

"They took him on a tour and he got to see the underside of the dome," Newsome said. "Not many people get to see what the Golden Dome looks like on the inside."

Johnson had the chance to meet with the coaching staff and learn where he would fit into the offense.

"I think when you see Keeon, he looks like that Michael Floyd-esque receiver," Newsome said. "He's a big, physical guy who can do all the run blocking he needs to do because he is going to be bigger than all the defensive backs. He's also good going up to catch the ball over everyone."

Johnson isn't sure where his next visit will be, but the 11-hour journey to Notre Dame gave him a better understanding of what it would be like to leave home for school.

Until the Irish offered, Johnson's recruitment was regionalized. His other offers are from Duke, East Carolina, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Virginia and Wake Forest.

"He really hasn't gotten that attention from the schools all over the country," Newsome said. "It's the schools here in Carolina that have been talking to him so he really hasn't gotten used to the fact he could go far away from home.

"I think he's a guy that looks for the best situation for him. I think Notre Dame provides a whole other deal for guys to leave home because they're on t.v. so much." Top Stories