Brockington Summer Plans

Current commitment Joe Brockington has a busy summer plan. He has been working hard this summer and will be making a few visits to South Bend to work out as well.

Joe Brockington says his shoulder is fully healed. "I've been working out with my coach. My shoulder is very strong now and we've been working on that since the injury. It hasn't bothered me at all since the rehab so I should be 100 percent healthy when I report."

Brockington didn't waste his time with spring sports this year and is taking his lifting serious. "I wanted to make sure I was in great shape. I'm up to 225 right now so I've gained some weight and I'm much stronger."

He plans to be in Chicago this summer to work out with current commitment Tommy Zbikowski. "I'm leaving July 1st. The Zbikowski family invited me to come work out with Tom. I got to know him while chatting on the net and then we hung out the spring game. We are going to work out some in Chicago and some at Notre Dame this summer."

Brockington says that his class has really become close. "We all know each other pretty well. We chat with each other all the time. We hung out together at the spring game and got to know each other better. I talked a lot with Brady, Chinedum and Freddie. I also met a lot of the linebackers. I met Brandon Hoyte and he is real cool. We talked about playing linebacker and I really liked him."

Joe also took his Mom to Notre Dame for the first time. "She had never been to Notre Dame. She went with me to Maryland and she didn't like it at all so I was worried but she loved it at Notre Dame. She really likes the coaches at Notre Dame."

The Palymra, PA prospect was given number 52 when he reports. "It's OK. They didn't ask us and I wanted a single digit but this will work."

Brockington has set one goal for himself in football next year. "I want to play next year. Even if it's on special teams, I just want to make some impact on the team and be a part of the team. I've been lifting and running since my injury so I should be in good football shape when I get there."

It's interesting that Brockington connects with Brandon Hoyte because he reminds me of him in personality and as a player on the field. Hopefully Brockington can have a similar impact that Hoyte has had for the Irish. Top Stories