Pressley Won't Be Attending Camp

Irish fans were hoping Greensboro, NC prospect Demario Pressley would be attending camp. He can't make the camp but remains interested in Notre Dame.

Demario Pressley can't make it to camp. "No sir, it doesn't look like I can make it. I'm going to a few more local camps because they are closer and easier for me to get to," said Pressley.

Pressley will attend camp this weekend at North Carolina and will also attend camp at Virginia.

The North Carolina prospect has a long list of offers so far. "I have around 20-25 or so. Notre Dame has offered me both in writing and on the phone. I'm still interested in Notre Dame. The other camps were more local."

Pressley says he hasn't begun to narrow his list down yet. "I don't really have any favorites right now. My coach and I are going to talk about that soon and see if we can narrow the list down a bit. I will take some visits after my season and then decide."

Comments. I would like Notre Dame's chances better if he attended camp. Pressely won't decide for quite some time so there is plenty of time to recruit him. Let's hope they can get him to visit. Top Stories