Will Nate Schiccatano be Irish?

Nate Schiccatano from Catawissa, Pa. (Southern Columbia) is keeping all his options open. The race for this super running back should come down to a battle between the Fighting Irish and the Nittany Lions.

Nate Schiccatano, a 6-3 220 (4.4) pound running back from Catawissa, Pa. (Southern Columbia) is most definitely one of the nations premier prep football prospects. Schiccatano is among the nations "Top 100" prospects. Nate's highlight tape is among the most impressive I've seen in five years.

Schiccatano will be a four-year at running back. The one thing that stands out in my mind is how mature and powerful Nate was as a freshman and he developed more and got better every year.

It's no secret that Schiccatano grew up a huge Notre Dame fan and the Irish are the odds on favorite to receive his verbal commitment. However, he has shown his maturity by looking at all his options. Schiccatano has received more than 40 scholarship offers and he's visited most schools. He'll even visit William & Mary because they took the time to write a personal letter.

Nate Schiccatano has had an advantage. He's the son of a coach. Sam Schiccatano has been there every step of the way for his son and he has given him advice when needed.

"Nathan played for me his freshman and sophomore years and he was our starting tailback." Sam Schiccatano said. After Nathan's sophomore year, I was fired. I don't know why, maybe they were jealous of Nathan and they wanted to see how he would do without me. I gave Nathan the choice of staying or transferring and he decided it was best to transfer.

"People may say that Southern Columbia plays weaker competition but his first two years with me, we played some of the best competition in Pennsylvania including Jamie Ryan's (Notre Dame Commit) team and he did just as well then as he does now.

Nathan is visiting Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State and Virginia right now. He'll probably stop off at William & Mary also. When he gets home, we're supposed to head over to Penn State to talk with Joe Paterno. Nate said he hopes to have a good idea what he's going to do by then.

Right now its Penn State and Notre Dame and they are probably dead even. The people in town are about 50/50 as well. There have been people telling Nate he should go to Notre Dame and others to Penn State. Its really close right now.

We really want to go to a Notre Dame home game. You hear about the tradition and the walk from church to the stadium. We've already been to Penn State and Nate has met Lavar Arrington, Courtney Brown and others. We need to take in a Notre Dame game to see what its like. I know Nathan likes the tradition and the prestige of the Notre Dame program. We'll have to wait and see what happens."

One thing is certain, whoever is lucky enough to land Nate Schiccatano, is getting a terrific athlete and even a better young man. The Schiccatano family can be very proud. Whichever road Nate decides to travel it will most definitely lead to success.

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