Munger Talks Irish Visit

Ohio lineman Donovan Munger wasn't caught up in the commitment frenzy at Notre Dame this past weekend, but that doesn't mean he didn't have a great time. spoke with Munger about his visit.

Shaker Heights (OH) High School lineman Donovan Munger went into his visit at Notre Dame with an open mind and the 6-foot-4, 285-pound defensive tackle will need to keep an open mind as the Irish did not explain their plans for him during his visit.

"Right now the coaches can't really say where they want me to play," said Munger. "So I'm not really sure what they want me to play. But they had me in the offensive line meeting when I was there."

Despite the uncertainty of what side of the ball Munger would play, he came away impressed with what he saw.

"The visit was real cool and I had a chance to see the atmosphere during practice and how the coaches are during meetings and on the field," Munger said. "I also had a chance to see how their players catch on real quickly and show it on the field."

Irish offensive line coach Harry Hiestand is heading up Munger's recruitment but it was a reconnecting friendship that may have helped Munger learn more about the Irish.

"I was able to talk with Sheldon (Day)," explained Munger. "We were at Nike camp together in Columbus last summer, so we talked about his transition from high school to college because he left early. He talked about how he was able to get a big jump on things and how things are starting to get easier as he's adjusting to it."

As for the academic side of things, Munger knows the Irish can put him in the position for long term success.

"I'm not sure what I want to major in right now," said Munger. "However, I want to go somewhere I can get a good degree when I'm there and find a job as soon as possible after I graduate.

"The way they explained the academics in how they set things up your first semester is great. It's like a walk in the park and all you have to do is do the work because they are setting up your whole schedule and you only have to take it upon yourself to do the work."

As for getting on the field, Munger would like to find a school willing to give him a shot at early playing time.

"I would really like to play early," said Munger. "But if redshirting is the best thing to start I'll do that and get better and then dominate when I get on the field."

While Munger feels it's too soon to have a favorite, he has thought about when he would like to get his recruitment out of the way.

"I want to do it before my senior year to take the stress off so I can just thing about my season," he said. "But I want to make sure I feel comfortable and I'm for sure I want to go to whatever school I pick making sure it is the right choice for me and it is going to benefit me at the end of the day."

As for his overall game, Munger knows there is work to be done but also feels he's got some strengths that set him apart.

"I feel I need to get stronger and better at my technique," Munger stressed. "That way I can dominate without thinking too much about it and just go out and play the best that I can play.

"Right now I feel my strengths are my footwork and my hand placement." Top Stories