Elmer Leading the Way

Steven Elmer has shown the willingness to become a leader since he became Brian Kelly's first commitment for the 2013 recruiting cycle. This past weekend, Elmer was leading the charge as the Irish pulled in four new pledges including three fellow offensive linemen.

Lost in this past weekend's recruiting haul was a return visit by the first pledge in Notre Dame's 2013 class, Steven Elmer of Midland, Michigan.

"It was a great visit," Elmer told IrishEyes.com. "It was great to talk with all the guys and just being back around Notre Dame and spending some quality time with Coach (Harry) Hiestand."

For Elmer, the trip to catch the Irish on the practice field went a long way in helping him reassure the decision he made back in mid-September 2011.

"Coach Hiestand is great," Elmer said. "I'm really, really excited about Coach Hiestand, he's fantastic. He's incredibly knowledgeable and just an overall great guy and I'm very excited about being coached by him in the future, and I'll continue to get to know him each time I go down there."

The weekend ended on a positive note as the Irish pulled in three more offensive line pledges.

"It was awesome to have a chance to meet all those guys," said Elmer. "I talked with Colin (McGovern) for quite awhile and I spent some time with Hunter Bivin. I also talked with Mike (McGlinchey) and I know my dad talked with his dad. So I'm very excited about this past weekend recruiting wise."

How important does Elmer feel getting commitments at this early stage will help the program?

"I think it is really important," explained Elmer. "If you get to know these guys early I feel that will help the class stick together and definitely is a good thing in my mind."

With the Irish having locked down four quality offensive linemen early, Elmer feels they can help sell offensive skill players towards the Irish.

"This past weekend we split up in a couple of different groups because there were a lot of guys there," Elmer said. "I think in the coming days we will definitely have an advantage to sell a lot of these skill players, especially on the offensive side of the ball.

"We're putting together a great offensive line class so we'll be able to protect the quarterback and help the running backs get into the end zone."

Though he's visited campus several times previously, Elmer's recent visit allowed him to answer the only question that may have been resting in the back of his mind.

"Really the only new thing that stood out this past weekend was Coach Hiestand," said Elmer. "I don't really know how to say this, but I was extremely pleased and I'm extremely excited about him."

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