No Timeline for Green

After a very successful Junior Day visit to Notre Dame, running back Ryan Green was rumored to be close to making a college decision. spoke with Ryan's father about his visit to South Bend, and when his son could be looking to make his college commitment.

According to Ryan Green's father, Vader, the family's recent visit to Notre Dame was something special. But it was not the appropriate time for the younger Green to make a college pledge.

"The trip to Notre Dame went well," said Vader Green. "We actually visited three schools overall on the trip, having gone to Vanderbilt first and then Notre Dame and Tennessee.

"The graduation rate at Notre Dame for African-American football players is 100% and that is one thing that surprised Ryan the most about Notre Dame.

"Notre Dame has a system in place and I felt it was an overall great visit as we had a chance to meet with the academic folks. It was a great visit and we were really impressed."

The older Green wanted to make sure to set the record straight about where his son stands."

"Ryan likes Notre Dame," said Green. "But people misquote him saying Notre Dame is number one and no one else is close. That is false. Notre Dame is at the top of the list along with four or five other schools as well."

While other prospects made verbal pledges during their Junior Day visit, Green feels emotion needs to be taken out of making such a major life decision.

"You can't make a decision on emotion, you just can't do that," said Green. "You can't go to a Junior Day and say you want to commit. That is why we're going through this process at this time to make sure Ryan's got as much information as possible.

"As I keep telling people, once Ryan makes his decision he's done. We're absolutely done as we're not taking anymore visits anywhere else."

Taking unofficial visits to as many programs as possible is helping the Green family make the best possible decision when the time comes to make a commitment.

"As parents we are looking at these schools because you're not just looking at a four year decision but a forty year decision," stressed Green. "You've got to go out and see what is out there and then compare. You then sit down and evaluate what you like and what you don't like and then narrow it down.

"We're doing our research looking at depth charts and who is coming in. Ryan is a kid that is capable of coming in and playing. He's not going to go and sit on anyone's bench for two years.

"I'm not saying I don't mind if a school wants to redshirt him. But I don't know of a school that is not going to want to use his abilities. He's a special kid and he can really come to a program and help a program out. However, the most important thing we're looking at as parents is graduation rates for African-American kids on football teams.

"We're just trying to do this the right way as parents. We totally believe in God and pray every day believing God has blessed Ryan with special gifts and he's not brought Ryan this far to let him fail. So we as his parents must make sure he's in the right program with the right staff at the right time."

One thing that impressed both parents came during their time watching the Irish practice.

"I can honestly say when we watched practice those kids have a brotherhood," said Green. "It seemed like that team and those kids were all one. Coaches talk about it but me and my wife are very observant and pay attention to details and could see if for ourselves at Notre Dame."

As for when his son might be ready to make a decision, Green stresses no one is in any hurry.

"There is no hurry," said Green. "When Ryan feels that it is the right time and he's found the right place he'll make his decision. I don't feel you can put a timeline on a decision like this."

As for how the St. Petersburg (FL) Catholic running back is away from the field, Green knows his son is well rounded.

"Ryan is a great kid," said Green. "He's one of those kids always reaching out to other kids. He does community service and he encourages his teammates and kids around him. He's a kid that is humble and all this stuff about offers he doesn't get into that stuff. He just goes along and continues to do what he's supposed to do. He's not cocky; he's very friendly and just a loveable kid." will continue to follow Green's recruiting progress until he makes his pledge known. Top Stories