Sherit High on Irish

Following an on campus visit last summer, Jordan Sherit knew Notre Dame was a program high on his list. Now holding an offer from the Irish, Sherit looks to make a return trip and spoke with about when that might happen.

Tampa (FL) Hillsborough Senior High School defensive end Jordan Sherit made a visit to Notre Dame last summer coming away impressed and feeling at home on the historic campus that reminded him of home.

"They showed us the facilities and coming from the school I come from it kind of reminded me of my high school," said Sherit. "My high school was built around the 1890's so my school is an older school and people think it looks like a castle. So it kind of reminded me of my high school as it has a lot of tradition.

While Sherit felt comfortable touring campus, it was the nuts and bolts of what the Irish have to offer that sold him and his family.

"I'm interested in business so they showed me the business school there as well as the facilities," said Sherit. "Notre Dame is a big name and academic wise it's one of the top in the country and academics are very important and stand out to me and both of my parents."

However, one thing Sherit left dreaming about hits the hearts of Irish fans.

"Just thinking about putting that gold helmet on Saturday's," Sherit stopped and paused. "It is a little different than playing anywhere else, so I'm definitely interested in that and I can't wait to get up there and hopefully see a game in the fall."

Leading the way for the Irish are Tony Alford and Bob Diaco.

"I'm in constant contact with coach Alford who recruits my area as well as the defensive coordinator there," said Sherit. "It is going well now and I'm just trying to get back up there as its a little ways from Tampa.

"I don't know if it will be during the spring or summer," he said. "But if I can't Notre Dame is definitely a possibility for an official visit."

One reason Sherit wants to make a return trip is to see if the Irish program offers the other things he's looking for.

"I want to have a great relationship with the coaching staff and also get a good feel for the team. For me, and it might seem a little cheesy, but I'm looking for a team where it feels like a family because you're spending more time with them then your own family during college. So you want to feel comfortable with them as well.

"The other thing I'm looking at and it kind of relates back to academics, but the alumni base of Notre Dame is very strong. I'm not looking for a four year plan but a forty year plan because I know in this day and age it is tough to get a job.

"There are people who have Ivy League degrees having problems getting jobs so the alumni base is important to me because I want to have a great education because you can't play football forever. So I just want to have a good back-up plan and education is my priority."

As for how the Irish expect to use his on field skills, Sherit says that is kind of undecided.

"They are actually talking about me being a defensive end as well as a little bit of outside linebacker," explained Sherit. "They feel in their 3-4 schemes I have the versatility to play outside linebacker depending upon how my body matures from now until then. However I can get on the field to help the team is where I'll play and how I'll play."

As for when Sherit is looking to close down his recruitment the 6-foot-3, 243-pound defender explains several things must happen first.

"A lot of people make commitments and then change their commitments," said Sherit. "I believe when you commit you should commit only once. I don't believe in telling a school you're going to be there and then changing your mind.

"Once I narrow it down to a top five, hopefully this summer because I want to see all the schools in my top five so I can make a decision. I don't want to commit to one school when another school I was interested in I didn't take the time to see for myself because there will always be what if in the back of my mind." Top Stories